Episode 456.
          Rev. Tom Winter removes his clerical collar.
WA:       For the first time since Rodney Harrington almost died from the 
          injuries suffered when he was thrown from his motorcycle his 
          wife, Betty, has a reason to be happy.  The complete paralysis 
          that followed surgery has been changed, only slightly but 
          suddenly Betty's world has come alive again. 
Intro:    Betty walking across the square toward Doctors Hospital. 
Scene 1:  Dr. Miles says, "Squeeze."  Rodney says, "I can't."  Betty and 
          Norman come in to visit.  Miles says that he thinks Rodney will 
          make it back on his feet.  Betty tells Rodney that she is 
          positive that he will be all right. 
Scene 2:  In the Russell house, Marsha comes into Carolyn's room to talk.  
          Carolyn's phonograph is playing.  She turns it off to talk to 
          her mother. Carolyn asks Marsha if she is having an affair with 
          Dr. Rossi.  Carolyn observes that Marsha didn't get home til 
          3:00 that morning.  Carolyn asks why there are two sets of 
          rules.  One for adults and another for teenagers.  Marsha talks 
          to Carolyn about her pressures.  Carolyn leaves saying that she 
          wants to take a walk. 
Scene 3:  Jill is walking on the wharf toward Ada Jacks' Tavern.  She 
          goes in the main entrance, past two customers, and back into 
          the apartment area.  Ada is in the bar serving customers.  She 
          finds Mrs. Thomas holding Kelly.  Mrs. Thomas says that Rossi 
          told her that Jill wanted to see her.  Jill takes the baby.  
          Mrs. Thomas asks Jill why she left the Winter's home.  Jill 
          says, "You talked to Dr. Rossi.  You know all the answeres."  
          They chat.  Mrs. Thomas goes out in the bar area and places a 
          call to a Dr. Markham from the pay phone.  [Obviously not Dr. 
          Vincent Markham.  He is in Peru.]  She dials 7 digits.  She 
          asks if Dr. Markham would be able to see a baby this afternoon 
          for a physical.  Dr. Markham is a pediatrician at the hospital.  
          Mrs. Thomas tells Ada that Jill has agreed to put Kelly in a 
          home temporarily.  She is told that Dr. Markham can see Kelly.  
          Mrs. Thomas goes back in the living area to discover that Jill 
          is gone.  Mrs. Thomas asks to use the phone again.  Ada 
Scene 4:  In Doctors Hospital, in Rodney's therapy room, Betty and Steven 
          come to visit.  Steven says it is great that feeling has come 
          back to Rodney's left hand.  Steven explains why he was with 
          Betty when the motorcycle accident occurred.  Rodney tells 
          Steven to "get out."  Steven leaves.  Betty and Rodney talk.  
          Betty tries to convince Rodney that nothing happened.  Betty 
          says that Steven insisted that she go for a drive with him. 
Scene 5:  In the Winter house, Susan is at Tom's desk talking on the 
          phone.  She is asking someone if they have seen Tom.  Tom comes 
          in, goes upstairs, and starts packing.  She says that she 
          wondered where he was last night.  He takes off his clerical 
          collar, and his shirt.  Tom tells Susan he found out that Jill 
          has been staying with Ada Jacks.  Jill is fine, she's all 
          right, the baby is all right.  Susan rants on and on.  Tom says 
          it's over, she's won.  Susan tells him that she never lied to 
          him about her drinking. 
Preview:  Rossi talks to Marsha.  Joe talks to Mrs. Thomas.  Betty talks 
          to Steven. 
          MR:  I care about you very much.  I want you to set the terms. 
               I want you to feel free to set those terms with me. 
          JR:  Come on, don't bark at me, honey.  
          MT:  Don't call me honey.  
          JR:  When the judge looked at me and fixed child support, he 
               didn't say anything about changing any diapers. 
          BH:  I learned a lot from you Steven.  I learned how to hit 
               back.  I can be a garbage pitcher too. 

Mrs. Thomas, welfare worker-Stanja Lowe.
Dr. Markham, pediatrician at the hospital.