Episode 457. 
          Susan Winter drives drunk.
WA:       For the first time since the motorcycle accident, Rodney 
          Harrington has received Steven Cord as a visitor.  And now, 
          Rodney's wife, Betty, angrily leaves Doctors Hospital to 
          confront Steven.  She knows that something happened in those 
          few minutes that Steven saw her husband.  Something happened in 
          Rodney's mind.  Something that she knows instinctively will 
          jeopardize her marriage. 

Intro:    Betty, wearing purple, angrily comes out of Doctors Hospital 
          and walks down the street in the direction of the square.  She 
          turns right at the corner and walks to the entrance of the 
          Peyton Place Bank Building, also referred to as the Chamber of 
          Commerce Building.  (Amos Barkley Insurance Agency office). 

Scene 1:  In Steven's office, Betty accuses Steven of poisoning Rodney's 
          mind.  Steven had left the impression with Rodney that Steven 
          and Betty were on a joy ride when the motorcycle accident 
          happened.  Steven responded by saying that he asked Rodney to 
          forgive him. 
Scene 2:  Susan, driving recklessly almost hits a pedestrian, and parks 
          in front of the hospital, hitting and knocking over a 
          Doctors Only sign.  She goes into the hospital and miss 
          Choate sits her down and deals with her.  Miss Choate gets her 
          some hot chocolate.  For special effects, the camera is tilted.  
          This underscores to us that Susan is not sober.  Rossi comes to 
          get Susan and takes her to his office and puts her on the 

Scene 3:  In the courthouse, police Sgt. William Wilson Walker and Mrs. 
          Thomas are questioning Joe Rossi.  The lady says that Joe is 
          completely amoral.  Joe calls Jill, Jill McCormick.  Joe 
          talks about New York. 

Scene 4:  In his beach house, Dr. Rossi and Marsha are drinking.  They 
          talk about life.  Marsha says she feels alive again.  Rossi 
          says he doesn't want to hurt her in any way.  She suggests they 
          go for a swim.  
Scene 5:  Jeff is on the bandstand and Carolyn walks over to him.  Jeff 
          says, "You're late."  They talk.  She is wearing silly glasses.  
          He asks her to take them off.  He asks what she has in common 
          with Joe Rossi.  She asks if it matters.  She says that he 
          looks upset. 
Scene 6:  Rossi and Marsha are eating at the Colonial Post Inn as Joe 
          Rossi comes over to their table.  He says that the cops pulled 
          him in.  And that he knows where Jill and the kid are.  Joe 
          thinks that Mike pushed Jill into the job at the Winters.   He 
          tel|s Rossi about being questioned by the police. Joe complains 
          about Rossi sending Jill to the Winter's.        
Preview:  Dr. Rossi talks with Steven.  Jill talks to Joe.  Reverend 
          Gates talks with Tom. 
          MR:  I don't want you hanging around Rod.  I'll simply have to 
               put an off-limits sign on the door of the hospital, for you.
          JS:  You had them take me off the bus like I was a common 
               criminal.  So you can take her away again.  Well, I'm not 
               going to let you. 
          RG:  Until I decide, you will remain as pastor of the church.  
               You will continue to fulfill your duties. 
          TW:  You better assign someone else Reverend, because I'm not 
               going back.

Reverend Gates-John Marley.
Jacqueline Mayo as Special Duty Nurse.
Mrs. Thomas, Child Welfare Bureau agent-Stanja Lowe
Jill McCormick, Jill Smith