Episode 458.
          Tom Winter goes to Boston and resigns the ministry.

WA:       The simple act of a man removing an article of clothing today 
          dominates the life of the reverend Tom Winter.  The reverend 
          has removed his clerical collar.  Now wearing ordinary laymans 
          garb, he stands in front of the Boston residence of his church 
          superior.  In a sense it is a homecoming,  For Tom Winter 
          started here.  Started a career of compassion and 
          understanding.  In Tom Winters' mind all that now is gone. 
Intro:    Tom Winter takes a taxi to the Boston residence of his church 
          superior Reverend Gates. 
Scene 1:  In Boston, Tom Winter goes in to see his church superior, 
          Reverand Gates, and resigns the church.  [The church seems to 
          be somewhat Episcopalian Lutheran.]  Rev. Gates allows, "Even 
          the business of saving souls has to be done in duplicate." 
Scene 2:  At the hospital, Dr. Rossi goes in to attend Susan Winter who 
          is receiving an I.V. solution.  She has a bandage on her right 
          arm.  He asks if she has nausea or dizzyness.  She asks if the 
          doctor has found Tom, yet.  She doesn't want to go back to that 
          house alone. 
Scene 3:  In the therapy room, Rodney's head is being supported by a chin 
          strap.  Dr. Miles is checking for sensitivities.  Rossi comes 
          in to add his two centime's worth. 
Scene 4:  In Rossi's office, Steven has been waiting.  He is looking at 
          x-rays.  Rossi greets him as "Dr. Cord."  Steven asks to borrow 
          some medical books on spinal injury.  The doctor tells of 
          Rodney's progress in recovery.  He wants to be able to discuss 
Scene 5:  In the courthouse corridor, Jill, carrying Kelly, and two 
          policemen are walking to meet with Mrs. Thomas, the Child 
          Welfare Service agent.  She explains to Jill she must give up 
          the baby until a judge makes a decision.  It is the law.  The 
          baby is taken from Jill.  Jill walks away and runs into Rita. 
Scene 6:  Rita talks to Jill.  Rita assures Jill that she will try to 
          help her. 
Scene 7:  In the Shoreline Cafe teen hangout, the something almost 
          resembling music is being perpetrated by the band.  Carolyn and 
          Marsha talk to Jeff.  Marsha tries to give the impression that 
          she enjoys the music. 
Scene 8:  As Carolyn leaves the Shoreline, she observes her mother and 
          Dr. Rossi kissing each other. 
Preview:  Jill talks to Steven and then slaps him.  Carolyn talks to 
          Jeff.  Joe talks to Jill. 
          JS:  I don't trust you.  And I don't believe anything you say.  
               (Jill slaps Steven).
          JK:  The Shoreline's a bore.  Your music's a bore, and you're 
               the biggest bore of all, Mr. Cool Jeffrey Kramer. 
          JR:  You've really given her a great start in life, haven't you?  
               Dragging her all around the country.  Bringing her here, 
               trying to give her to the Carsons.  And you call yourself 
               a mother. 

Reverend Gates-John Marley.
Mrs. Thomas, Child Welfare Service-Stanja Lowe.