Episode 459.
WA:       For some time now, Carolyn Russell has accepted the fact that 
          her mother is divorced and free to pick up her life again.  But 
          tonight, Carolyn sees exactly what that freedom means.  The 
          fact that her mother and Dr. Rossi are mature adults does not 
          concern Carolyn now.  She only sees in her mother's behavior a 
          possible pattern for herself. 
Intro:    Outside the Shoreline.  Inside.  Carolyn goes outside and sees 
          her mother and Dr. Rossi in a clutch. 
Scene 1:  Jeff talks to Carolyn.  Carolyn unloads on Jeff. 
Scene 2:  Rita goes to see Steven at the Peyton house.  She starts 
          rambling about how they took Jill's baby away from her.  He 
          wants to talk about it rationally.  Steven mentions that he was 
          the attorney at the original custody hearing.  Steven begins to 
          talk about Rodney.  Rita tries to get the subject back to Jill 
          and Kelly. 
Scene 3:  At the motorcycle shop, Rita comes in to talk to Norman.  She 
          sits on a bike.  Norman suggests that she go in the office and 
          lie down on the couch.  She says that Kelly will be with the 
          "Child Welfare Bureau."  Rita tells Norman that she really 
          loves him.  She wants to take the baby for the night.  Norman 
          says, "OK." 
Scene 4:  Mrs. Thomas, the Child Welfare Bureau agent, talks to Jill.  
          Steven Cord shows up and asks if he can have a few moments with 
          his client.  Jill slaps Steven.  Mrs. Thomas says that there 
          will be a hearing in the morning.  They sit on a bench and talk 
          some more.  Judge Irwin A. Chester will rule tomorrow. 
Scene 5:  At the Russell house, Rossi and Marsha he-and-she. 
Scene 6:  At the courthouse, Steven and Mrs. Thomas come out.  Joe Rossi 
          butts in.  Mrs. Thomas is smiling and hands the baby to Rita.   
          Steven tells Norman to be at the hearing at 10:00 in the 
Scene 7:  Joe Rossi talks to Jill, rudely, telling her what a rotten 
          person and mother that she is.  He draws a picture of a church 
          on the blackboard.  (Not a greenboard or a dry-erase® board 
          as we have today). 
Scene 8:  In the apartment, Norman and Rita play with Kelly and they get 
          her ready for bed.  Norman outs the light.  Kelly sleeps. 
Preview:  Michael Rossi talks to Judge Irwin A. Chester.  Susan talks to 
          nurse Paula Dixon, and Dr. Rossi.  Dr. Rossi picks up 
          Susan and places her in bed. 
          MR:  Your honor, do you actually think this young girl is going 
               to care anything about molding herself into something 
               worthwhile if you take the only thing she's ever loved in 
               this world, away from her. 
          SW:  They don't believe it because they don't know what it's 
               like.  So, okay, you'll get me a bottle please. 
          SD:  Now let me help you back to bed.
          SW:  Are you going to get me a bottle please. 
          SD:  No I can't. 

          MR:  Come on, get back into bed, huh. SW:  You put me there. 
          Rossi picks up Susan and gently places her in bed. 

Judge Irwin A. Chester-Jon Lormer
Mrs. Thomas, Child Welfare Bureau agent-Stanja Lowe,