Episode 460. 
          Norman and Rita Harrington are awarded temporary custody of 
WA:       Norman Harrington and his wife Rita have had overnight 
          custody of Jill Smith's baby pending a full hearing this 
          morning.  Norman knows that the court could assign the baby to 
          a foster home.  But he is an optimist.  And at the moment he is 
          working hard on the thought that the court must let Jill retain 
          custody.  For both Norman and Rita, their night of custody, 
          passed in what seemed like a matter of seconds. 

Intro:    Norman walks from the courthouse across the square to the 
Scene 1:  Norman comes back in the apartment to see Rita playing with 
          Kelly.  Norman explains how the hearing will proceed.  He picks 
          up Kelly.  Rita wants Norman to wear the white shirt that she 
          just ironed.  He wants to wear the one that he has on.  She 
          wants him to look good, responsible.  Norman obliges Rita and 
          puts on the white shirt.  He also puts on a tie, and looking in 
          the mirror, ties it. 
Scene 2:  Steven goes in to talk with Susan in her hospital room.  Susan 
          Winter asks if Steven has seen Tom Winter.  He hasn't.  He 
          wants her to make a statement concerning Jill.  He explains 
          that The Child Walfare Bureau wants to put Kelly in a 
          foster home.  Susan explains that she wanted Tom to leave the 
          ministry, not to leave her.  Steven leaves. 
Scene 3:  In her hospital room, Susan is in bed.  She gets up wearing one 
          of those hospital gowns that tie in the back.  The nurse, Paula 
          Dixon, comes in.  The Nurse is in Tom's youth group and her 
          sister Norma Dixon, who plays the guitar, is also in the 
          church.  Susan craves candy.  The nurse informs her that she 
          isn't allowed candy.  Rossi comes in, picks up, and puts Susan 
          back in bed.  Susan asks Dr. Rossi where Tom is.  Michael says 
          that he doesn't know.  She asks if he has checked with Rev. 
          Gates.  He says he has to go over to the courthouse, and for 
          her to stay in bed. 
Scene 4:  Marsha talks to Carolyn.  They hear a knock on the door.  
          Carolyn goes to the top of the stairs and tells Jeff to come on 
          up.  They intend to go to the beach to go hiking. 
Scene 5:  In a wheelchair, Susan wheels in to see Rodney Harrington.  
          They greet each other pleasantly.  Susan is looking for liquor.  
          Friends always bring liquor.  Then she looks for candy.  Rodney 
          says, "Sorry, no candy."  Susan explains that she is there to 
          dry out.  That the minister's wife is the town lush. 

Scene 6:  In Judge Irwin A. Chester's chambers, Mrs. Thomas, the judge, 
          Rossi, and Steven Cord talk.  Rossi is an advocate for Jill.  
          Steven also speaks for Jill.  Dr. Rossi says that he is the 
          child's natural uncle.  Steven explains that Mrs. Winter is a 
          very unhappy woman. 
Scene 7:  Norman, Rita, and Jill are ushered in.  Jill is carrying the 
          baby.  The baby is taken and temporarily awarded to Norman and 
          Rita.  Jill hands the baby over to Rita.  Jill runs off and 
          into a room which she locks. 

Preview:  Joe Rossi talks with Norman Harrington.  Dr. Miles talks about 
          Rodney.  Jeff Kramer speaks to Carolyn and kisses her. 

          JR:  Why should I feel sorry for a chick like that, who makes 
               her own trouble and enjoys every minute of it? 
          NH:  Why don't you give her a break?  Why don't you just get 
               out of her life? 

          HM:  Something's bothering him.  Psychologically there seems to 
               be a certain depression.  I do hope you'll always be frank 
               with me In the interest of your husband's recovery. 

          JK:  Carolyn.  (Jeff kisses Carolyn). 

Mrs. Thomas-Stanja Lowe.
Irwin A. Chester-Jon Lormer.  
Paula Dixon-nurse-Joan Van Ark.  [Spelled as Joan Van Arc in closing 
  credits of episode 475.]

Joan Van Ark played Valene Ewing in the TV series "DALLAS" and the 
spinoff "Knots Landing."  She also was one of the nurses on MASH.
Norma Dixon, Paula's sister, who plays the guitar.