Episode 461. 
          Rodney gets a new psychotherapist, Chuck Atwell. 
WA:       Today, Norman and Rita Harrington have been awarded temporary 
          custody of Jill Smith's baby until such time as Jill can 
          provide a, quote, "suitable atmosphere to raise the child." 

Intro:    The courthouse.  Norman and Rita walk out of the courthouse 
          with Jill's baby.  
Scene 1:  Jill tells Rossi that Norman, Rita, and Kelly look like a 
          family.  Rossi tells Jill he wants her to work as a nurse's 
          aid at the hospital.  Jill is naturally depressed.  Rossi 
          offers to advance her a months rent for the boarding house.  
          She says she doesn't want to go back there. 
Scene 2:  Jeff Kramer and Carolyn Russell drive up in a dune buggy and 
          enter the Shoreline Cafe, teen hangout.  They go downstairs.  
          Carolyn picks up a pair of drumsticks and begins to beat on a 
          drum.  Jeff tells Carolyn that she was acting wierd last night.  
          Carolyn says that she is bored.  Carolyn asks why thay didn't 
          stay at the beach.  Jeff talks about her on again, off again, 
          attidute.  She accuses him of being a folk analyst.  Carolyn 
          tells Jeff that he is brilliant.  They cuddle and then dance. 
Scene 3:  Joe Rossi walks over to Norman and Rodney's motorcycle shop and 
          looks at the bikes outside.  He goes inside.  Inside the shop, 
          Joe mentions that Rodney is improving.  Joe tells Norman that 
          he wants to put a down payment on a motorcycle.  Norman gives 
          him a credit application to fill out.  Norman and Joe talk 
          about Kelly.  Joe says that they gave his kid away.  Norman 
          asks why he didn't go to the hearing. 
Scene 4:  In room 101 of the hospital, Rodney is playing with a tennis 
          ball.  Dr. Miles talks to him.  Dr. Miles picks up a tennis 
          ball.  Dr. Miles says that Rodney will have a new therapist, 
          Chuck Atwell.  Miles says that Rodney will wish that they had 
          assigned Mrs. Stoner to him.  There is a knock on the door.  
          Betty comes in and kisses Rodney.  Betty brought him a can of 
          tennis balls.  Betty has personalized each of them: 
                   1. Green   "I never forgot your squeeze."
                    2. Purple  "Who's blushing?  I'm just ticklish."
                    3. Red     "The score is love". 

          Dr. Miles asks Betty if she plays tennis.  She says not very 
          well.  Chuck Atwell comes in and is introduced by Dr. Miles. 
Scene 5:  Betty and Dr. Miles leave the room and talk in the corridor.  
          Betty expresses disappointment in therapist Chuck Atwell.  Dr. 
          Miles expresses confidence in Atwell.  Betty talks further with 
          Dr. Miles. 
Scene 6:  Jill walks up to the apartment and knocks.  She has brought the 
          rest of Kelly's things in a cardboard box.  Norman borrowed a 
          beat-up crib and Rita is cutting out paper flowers to decorate 
          it.  Norman and Rita have made the bedroom into a nursery and 
          they will sleep in the livingroom.  Rita says that the Child 
          Welfare Bureau will like for Kelly to have her own room. 
Scene 7:  Back at the hospital, Chuck Atwell, the new therapist, talks 
          with Rodney.  He is deliberately irritating Rodney.  He picks 
          up the container of balls.  He takes one out and looks at it.  
          Rodney squeezes the tennis ball.  He drops it on the floor.  
          Atwell tells Rodney that he will get out of his chair. 
Scene 8:  In the sanctuary of the Wayside Church, Tom Winter finalizes 
          his decision to quit the ministry.  

          Dr. Rossi comes in and says, "So you've come back, huh?" 
Preview:  Michael Rossi talks with Tom Winter.  Joe Rossi talks to 

          MR:  You can't make her change her mind.  You're the reason she 
               left this place.  You're the thing she ran away from, 
               because of you. 
          TW:  I'm not a minister anymore, I'm just a man.  And I don't 
               have to accept "no" for an answer.  I love her.
          JR:  I don't like to be pushed around.  I don't like to be told 
               I've got to like that girl over there, or I've got to buy 
               toys for that kid over there.  I don't like to be told who 
               I've got to love and what my responsibilities are.  You 
               know what I mean.
Chuck Atwell-Mario Alcalde.