Episode 462.
          Dr. Rossi takes Marsha and Carolyn to dinner.

WA:       The Rev. Tom Winter has come home.  The clerical collar he wore 
          for so many years is gone.  The ability to reach out and touch 
          the lives of needy people is gone.  All that is left is the 
          remains of his wife's final bout with drinking.  The house is a 
          shambles.  And the adjacent chapel.  Here Tom worshipped and 
          sought guidance and gave his small town congregation some 
          measure of comfort and reassurance.  Here in the chapel, he 
          once loved. 
Intro:    Inside the chapel, Tom Winter is dressed in civies. 
Scene 1:  Dr. Rossi asks Tom, "So, You've come back?"  They talk. 
Scene 2:  In his hospital room, Rodney is playing checkers with his 
          brother Norman.  Rodney asks Norman to look out for Betty. 
Scene 3:  Tom Winter walks across the square.  He looks up at Steven 
          Cord's office window in the bank building on the east side of 
          the square.  
Scene 4:  Steven is reading as Tom Winter walks up to the door.  Tom 
          Comes in and sits on the sofa.  He tells Steven that he has 
          left the ministry.  Steven tells Tom Winter that Susan loved 
          him.  Tom says that he wants Steven to file for divorce. 
Scene 5:  Rita is preparing dinner table candles as Norman walks in.  She 
          lights the candles.  Norman suggests that they invite Betty 

Scene 6:  At the Colonial Post Inn, Rossi is taking Marsha Russell and 
          her daughter, Carolyn out to dinner.  Dr. Rossi is seated 
          between the two ladies.  He announces, "A weed between two 
          roses."  Fred walks in and Carolyn almost screams, "Daddy."  
          Fred talks briefly, and then introduces his date, Donna 
          Franklin.  She calls him, "Freddie."  Fred will pick up 
          Carolyn, Sunday, bright and early.  Rossi and his two dates sit 
          and continue their dinner. 

Scene 7:  Norman is typing in the shop as Joe Rossi comes in to look at 
          the soon-to-be-his motorcycle.  Joe talks about Kelly.  
          [This warns us that he might be thinking family.] 
Scene 8:  Steven walks up to Betty's converted barn house.  Norman is 
          watching.  Betty answers the door and invites Steven in the 
          converted barn house. 

Preview:  Carolyn talks with Marsha.  Betty talks with Norman.  Steven 
          talks with Susan Winter. 
          CR:  Any relationship my father is having with anyone, illicit 
               or otherwise, is something that you forced him into. 
          BH:  You think there's something going on between Steven and 
               me, don't you?  I know you don't trust steven.  But 
               suddenly I realized that you don't trust me.
          SC:  Susan, you perjured yourself. 
          SW:  Who are they going to believe?  The wife of a minister, or 
               the mother of an illegitimate child whom the court has 
               just taken away? 

Donna Franklin-Sharon Hugueny.