Episode 463.
          Tom gets a job on a fishing boat.

WA:       Tonight, Norman Harrington's doubts about his brother's wife 
          are confirmed.  Doubts that have been building for some time 
          now, ever since Rodney Harrington was injured in a motorcycle 
          accident and confined to Doctors Hospital, leaving Betty 
          Harrington alone.  Steven has no thoughts of being observed.  
          Yet, the Harrington brothers bike shop is just a short distance 
          away.  Inadvertantly Norman sees Steven Cord drive up to 
          Rodney's house.  Now, Norman must struggle with his own sense 
          of responsibility toward his hospitalized brother.  The 
          struggle becomes acute as Norman sees Betty Harrington admit 
          Steven into the house without question. 
Intro:    Steven drives up to Rodney's house. 
Scene 1:  Steven knocks and is admitted into Rodney's house.  Steven says 
          that he has been reading up on spinal cord injury.  Norman 
          knocks on the door and comes in.  They talk.  Steven leaves.  
          Norman stays on to talk with Betty. 
Scene 2:  On the wharf, Tom goes to talk with Andy Davies, the mackerel 
          boat fisherman about a job.  Andy has two boats.  He fishes for 
          both mackerel and lobster. 
Scene 3:  Rossi, Marsha, and Carolyn enter the Russell house.  Rossi and 
          Marsha talk.  Marsha knew what the divorce would do to Carolyn.  
          Carolyn cannot accept the situation. 
Scene 4:  Marsha goes goes upstairs to Carolyn's bedroom.  She goes in 
          and talks with Carolyn.  
Scene 5:  The nurse admits Steven into Susan's hospital room.  Susan is 
          primping.  Steven tells Susan that her husband, Tom, wants a 

Scene 6:  Ex-rev Tom Winter goes into Judge Irwin A. Chester's chambers 
          to talk about the custody of Jill Smith's baby, Kelly.  Chester 
          says he has made a decision.  Tom apologizes for missing the 
          hearing because he was in Boston, resigning the ministry. 
Scene 7:  In the hospital, Jill, in a nurse's aide uniform, goes in to 
          visit Susan Winter in her room. 

Preview:  Rodney talks to Betty.  Joe talks to Tom Winter and slugs him. 
          RH:  Betty, if my body doesn't come back all the way, we're 
               going to have to decide where we go from there.  I don't 
               think I could handle an arrangement.

          JR:  What did you do with Jill.  Where did you take her?  It 
               was the whole scene, wasn't it.  Right?  (Joe slugs Tom 

Nurse-Carolyn Roth.      
Andy Davies, lobster and mackerel boat owner-Will Kuluva.
Vittorio-Will Kuluva