Episode 464. 
          Joe Rossi tries to provoke a fight with Tom Winter.

WA:       Tonight, Betty Harrington faces another visit to Doctors 
          Hospital, knowing that her recuperating husband, Rodney cannot 
          get rid of his doubts about her.  Doubts that were based on the 
          fact that Betty was driving with Steven Cord when the accident 
          occurred.  Doubts that Rodney himself has fought against.  But 
          here waiting for the sensation of feeling to return to his 
          lower body, Rodney can only live in panic.  And when his wife 
          is even a few minutes late for visiting hours, he cannot help 
          himself from thinking, she would prefer to be elsewhere. 

Intro:    Betty Harrington sitting on the steps of the bandstand in the 
Scene 1:  At the hospital, Jill comes in to visit Rodney in his room.  
          She mentions that she gave up her job with the reverend.  She's 
          a nurse's aid now.  Rodney tells her he is sorry about Kelly.  

          Betty comes over from the bandstand to visit with Rodney.  She 
          kisses Rodney much. 
Scene 2:  At the Harrington apartment, over the Pharmacy, Norman is 
          playing as Rita comes over to tell him to be more careful.  
          Rita is wearing a blue glove and a pink glove.  

          Betty knocks on the door and is let in by Rita.  Betty picks up 
          the baby from Norman and plays with her.  Betty tells of her 
          visit with Rodney. 
Scene 3:  Jill comes in to visit with Dr. Rossi.  They talk about a 
          Doctor Peter Turner in surgery.  Turner is a 26 year old 
          bachelor.  He asked Rossi to ask Jill for a date.  Jill says 
          that Rossi is being a matchmaker.  Jill declines. 
Scene 4:  Fred Russell comes into the Cider Barrel and hugs his daughter, 
          Carolyn.  Fred has just driven down from Boston.  Carolyn asks 
          about Donna Franklin and the divorce.  Fred admits that he and 
          Donna were the cause of the divorce. 
Scene 5:  Steven is reading as Susan calls.  Susan wants to know where 
          Tom Winter is.  He won't tell her. 
Scene 6:  Joe Rossi lights a match and blows it out.  He waits to try to 
          provoke a fight with Tom Winter.  He asks Tom about his  
          relationship with Jill.  Tom is not inclined to fight.  Lobster 
          cages are in the background.  [Tom hit Joe in the Shoreline epi 
          454, 08-15-68]. 
Preview:  Dr. Miles talks with Rodney.  Michael talks with his brother. 
          HM:  Have any problem with her wife.  Do you trust her.  I'm 
               asking you as your doctor. 
          RH:  I think you're out of line doctor.  

          MR:  Admit you care about Jill.  And the baby.  Your baby.  
               Admit it, just once, that you still care. 
Donna Franklin-Sharon Hugueny
Jill, nurse's aide-Joyce Jillson.