Episode 465.
          Betty goes to work at the motorcycle shop.
WA:       Susan Winter has gambled and lost.  She invited an attractive 
          young girl, Jill Smith, into her home as secretary for her 
          husband, the reverend Tom Winter.  She wanted to tempt her 
          husband, to prove to him that he was flawed, unworthy of 
          serving God.  She did tempt her husband.  She also lost him. 
Intro:    Susan Winter walking on the wharf to see Tom Winter. 
Scene 1:  At the boat, Susan welcomes him back.  She tries to strike up a 
          conversation with her ex-husband, Tom.  She says she hasn't had 
          a drink in three days.  She wants him to come back home.  He 
          tells her that he has resigned from the ministry. 
Scene 2:  Raucous music at the Shoreline.  Jeff is singing with the 
          group.  Carolyn talks to Jeff.  Jeff kisses Carolyn.  They talk 
          some more. 

Scene 3:  Dr. Rossi is at his beach cottage as his brother Joe walks in.  
          Joe had tried to pick a fight with Tom Winter, because of what 
          he did to Jill.  Dr. Rossi refers to Joe's having picked a 
          fight with Eddie Jacks. 
Scene 4:  Carolyn comes home and Marsha is waiting up for her.  The Fred 
          Russell house has front double doors.  They have what appears 
          to be a black and white 19 inch television set.  This infers 
          that Fred provided for them well.  They talk about Fred, Jeff, 
          Joe, and Lewis. 
Scene 5:  Norman is polishing a motorcycle as Betty comes in.  Her 
          reflection is seen in the rear view mirror.  [special effects 
          of 1965].  Betty says she is looking for a job.  Norman says 
          Betty has a job, being Mrs. Rodney Harrington.  She says that 
          she could keep the books.  Betty poses the following math 
          problem:  X=[(40x80)-20]/2.  Norman says he can't do it with 
          the fingers and toes he has. 
Scene 6:  Chuck Atwell meets up with Dr. Miles in the corridor of the 
          hospital.  They discuss Rodney's progress and condition.  
          Atwell says that Rodney doesn't seem to realize that he will be 
          in that wheel chair all his life if he doesn't exercise. 
Scene 7:  Dr. Miles goes in to see Rodney.  They talk.  Miles tries to 
          cajole Rodney to exercise.  Dr. Miles fondles the tennis ball 
          which says: 
                              LOVE IS THE SCORE 
Preview:  Jill, who has just returned and Joe shout at each other.  
          Marsha tells Dr. Rossi that they have to quit seeing each 
          JS:  What are you doing here?
          JR:  Why don't you just beat it?          
          JS:  Why, all of the sudden, the interest?
          JR:  Because I feel like it.  Anything wrong with that.
          JS:  Yes, I don't like it.
          JR:  Get off my back.

          MR:  We have to stop seeing each other.
          MR:  It's over?