Episode 466.
          Marsha tells Dr. Rossi they have to quit seeing each other.

WA:       Today, Joe Rossi has set up a visit to the apartment of Norman 
          and Rita Harrington, in order spend a few minutes with his 
          daughter, Kelly.  Joe's legal responsibility has been defined 
          by the Peyton County Court.  He must pay a percentage of his 
          small salary as child support, twenty dollars per week.  But 
          for the first time, it is his responsibility as a father that 
          concerns Joe.  The young Norman Harringtons have temporary 
          custody of the child, Kelly. 
Intro:    Joe walking over to the Harrington's apartment.  He goes up the 
          stairs and knocks. 
Scene 1:  Norman welcomes Joe in.  Rita is feeding Kelly.  Joe tries to 
          talk to Kelly.   Rita suggests that Joe try to feed Kelly.  He 
          doesn't have too much luck.  Rita has Joe hold Kelly.  Kelly 
          sticks her fingers in Joe's mouth.  Jill comes by and is 
          annoyed that Joe is there.  Jill tries to take Kelly and Joe 
          pulls away.  Jill and Joe fuss.  Norman and Joe leave.  
Scene 2:  Steven comes to the Information Desk and talks with miss 
          Choate.  Dr. Miles comes over and talks with Steven.  They talk 
          about the therapy machine, the pulley system, that Steven is 
          giving the hospital.  Dr. Miles says it is the best device 
          available.  Steven wants to keep the donor's name anonymous. 
Scene 3:  At Ada Jacks Tavern, the men are drinking.  Tom Winter comes 
          in.  Ada says she heard that Tom is working for Andy Davies, 
          running his lobster traps.  Steven comes in and speaks to Ada 
          then goes over to Tom Winter's table to talk.  Tom is drinking 
          a beer.  Steven says he wanted to talk to him about Susan.  Tom 
          wants to talk about being alone. 
Scene 4:  In the physical therapy room, Rodney is using the weight 
          machines with Chuck Atwell assisting and Betty watching.  
          Atwell comes off rather abrasive.  Dr. Miles comes in and 
          speaks quietly to Betty.  Dr. Miles asks Rodney how he likes 
          the machine.  Rodney, Chuck and Betty each in turn ask Dr. 
          Miles who bought the therapy machine.  Dr. Miles sidesteps the 
          question each time.  Dr. Miles leaves. 
Scene 5:  Loud raucous noise [which at the time passed for music] at the 
          Shoreline Cafe as Carolyn comes in.  Carolyn goes over and 
          talks with Jeff Kramer who is abusing the keyboard.  
Scene 6:  On the wharf, Rossi and Marsha talk.  A customer pays and 
          leaves as they go in the Cider Barrel.  Marsha sits down at a 
          table by the window.  Rossi brings two cups of coffee over to 
          the table.  Dr. Rossi acts rather silly as he is prone to do 
          occasionally.  But Marsha responds by saying that they have to 
          stop seeing each other.  They discuss the problem that Carolyn 
          has become.  Marsha says that she is losing Carolyn.  Marsha 
          gets up crying.  Rossi gets up and hugs her.  He tries to 
          comfort her but she leaves.  Rossi looks out the window and 
          sits down again at the table. 
Preview:  Marsha Russell talks with Carolyn.  Dr. Miles talks with Tom 
          Winter.  Carolyn Russell talks with Jeff Kramer. 
          MR:  Don't you ever deal like me with your emotions young lady 
               just to get back at me. (sic)
          HM:  She's asking for you, Tom.   
          TW:  And I'm telling you I can't help her. 
          HM:  Can't or won't?
          JK:  You were just using me to put your mother on.
          CR:  No, Jeff, I didn't know.