Episode 467. 
          Carolyn is told that Marsha and Rossi have quit dating.

WA:       Tonight, Marsha Russell told Dr. Michael Rossi they had to stop 
          seeing each other.  That her teenage daughter, Carolyn, somehow 
          saw the relationship as a betrayal.  Now he returns to Doctors 
          Hospital to lose himself in administrative work.  But Dr. Rossi 
          now must put aside his personal disappointment to respond to an 
          urgent call fron the hospital physical therapist, who is 
          reasonably concerned about Rodney Harrington.  Rodney has been 
          a problem patient for some time.  And tonight Rossi must find a 
          way to deal with him. 
Intro:    Dr. Rossi drives up to the hospital in his red convertible.  He 
          goes in and goes into the therapy room. 
Scene 1:  Rodney is trying to pick up a tennis ball that he dropped.  
          Rossi says that if Rodney falls out of the wheel chair he could 
          do some real damage,  Rossi tells Rodney not to over-exert 
          himself.  Rossi explains the mechanics of getting well.  Rossi 
          goes to the door and calls the nurse. 
Scene 2:  Rossi goes to his office.  He looks through some file folders.  
          He sits on the couch.  He telephones. 
Scene 3:  Jeff and Carolyn drive up in a dune buggy.  Jeff tells Carolyn 
          that he doesn't like her attitude.  Jeff talks about the 
          junkyard on the south side of town.  Carolyn wants to talk 
          about music.  Carolyn and Jeff smooch.  Jeff backs out of his 
          parking space. 
Scene 4:  Dr. Miles walks down the wharf and calls down to Tom.  He goes 
          down and shakes Tom's hand.  He needs Tom at the hospital.  
          Miss Liza Newton has been asking for him.  Tom declines to go.  
Scene 5:  Dr. Miles arrives home to find no one up.  He takes off his 
          coat and sits on the couch.  He calls for Alma.  She finally 
          comes down the stairs.  She says that Lew called.  He had gone 
          fishing in the Pocono Mountains.  She also got a letter from 
          Ebony.  They want to write an article on Dr. Miles. 
Scene 6:  Jeff tells Carolyn that she is the greatest thing that has 
          happened to him.  Marsha comes in the livingroom to find 
          Carolyn and Jeff smooching.  Jeff quickly exits.  Marsha talks 
          with Carolyn.  Rossi knocks and is let in by Marsha.  

          Carolyn tells the doctor that Marsha was just telling her that 
          her mother and Dr. Rossi had agreed to part. 
Preview:  Rossi talks to Marsha.  Joe talks to Jill.  Susan talks to 

          MR:  Its been so hard for you for so long.  I'm not going to 
               let you down.
          JR:  I'm not blaming you or anything.  I'm just saying we've 
               got to work out something because of the way I am. 
          SW:  Tell me, as one abandoned female to another, what's it 
               like to play doctor with a doctor?

Tom Winter is asked to visit Liza Newton at the hospital.
Alma Miles-Ruby Dee.
In real life Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis were married for 57 years.  
  They have two sons.  Ruby Dee was in a movie with Ossie Davis 
  and Alan Alda called "Purlie Victorious".  It is a hoot.  
  Ossie Davis died 02-04-05. 

 Lula Belle Gussie Mae Jenkins    Purlie Victorious
 Ruby Dee                         Ossie Davis
 [Alma Miles in Peyton Place]