Episode 468.
          Susan Winter tears up the rectory.
WA:       Dr. Michael Rossi has spent the hours of the evening in a 
          desperate effort to force Marsha Russell out of his thoughts.  
          But Dr. Rossi has failed.  He has decided to try to repair the 
          relationship at exactly the wrong moment. 
Intro:    Dr. Rossi walks from his sporty red convertible to the door of 
          the Russell house. 
Scene 1:  Dr. Rossi arrives at an inopportune moment at the Russell 
          house.  He comes in and is spoken to sarcastically by Carolyn.  
          She says that she is sorry that Rossi and her mother had parted 
          company.  This is a very long scene with lots of hugging and 
Scene 2:  Dr. Miles and Alma drive up to Doctors Hospital and talk for a 
          while.  He gets out and she scoots over and drives off.  Mrs. 
          Davis is prepped and waiting.  And Dr. Hershel would like a 
          consultation on the Mars boy and Mr. Springer, he's scheduled 
          for 4:30.  And a group of interns is scheduled for 7:30.  Rossi 
          begs off.  Lewis is getting in tonight.  Choate hands Rossi the 
          phone, he has an emergency. 
Scene 3:  In the livingroom of the rectory, Rossi shows up to find the 
          room in shambles.  Chairs are knocked over.  Susan is sitting 
          and bleeding.  She has been drinking.  Rossi makes a call.  He 
          refers to the rectory.  Reverend Goodfellow and his wife will 
          be coming over.  He is the new pastor for the church.  The 
          doorbell rings and Rossi opens the door for Marsha.  Rossi 
          leaves the mess for Marsha to clean up. 
Scene 4:  On the wharf, Tom Winter and others are unloading lobster 
          crates as Jill walks by.  Tom watches her.  She goes up the 
          stairs into the apartment house.  One of the fishermen tells 
          Tom he must keep moving. 
Scene 5:  Joe calls on Jill.  He tells her the room is a dump.  He looks 
          at a picture of Kelly.  He wants to work out a time schedule 
          for visits to see Kelly.  Jill irons.  Joe talks. 
Scene 6:  Rodney calls Norman and asks if his agent is there.  He talks 
          to Betty to thank her for the books.  Rodney tells her that he 
          misses her.  She says that she misses him.  They talk briefly.  
          She promises to see him in the morning. 

Preview:  Carolyn and Jeff talk.  Jill amd Rossi talk. 
          CR:  You better forget about seeing me.
          JK:  That's a good idea.  A very good idea.  Maybe you can find 
               someone who likes to be teased.  Or better yet, maybe you 
               can pick up where you left off with Joe Rossi. 
          JS:  I don't have a father to offer her.  I know what I'm 
               talking about.  Right now, Kelly has a full family.  A 
               full life and a full home.  How can I take that away from 
               her and offer her half a family, half a home? 

In Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Wilfred Hyde-White played 
Dr. Goodfellow and Tim O'Connor played Dr. Elias Huer.