Episode 469.
          Lewis Miles returns from NYC.
WA:       For Dr. Harry Miles, everything is in its place.  His life away 
          from Doctors Hospital is as simple, as ordinary, as everyday, 
          as he would want it.  His relationship with his wife, Alma is 
          as loving as it was years ago when they were married.  His 
          relationship with his teenage son, Lewis, is as honest and as 
          open as it was when Lewis was a child.  Everything is in its 
          place, until tonight. 
Intro:    Dr. and Mrs. Miles drive to the White River airport and park 
          near gate 7. 
Scene 1:  Consolidated Airlines travelers descending the movable stairway 
          from the plane.  Lewis comes over and hugs his mother and 
          father.  He has just gotten back from New York. 
Scene 2:  Norman carries a baby stroller down the stairs from his 
          apartment.  Norman with Rita, carrying the baby, come down the 
          stairs and go over to the square.  Jill walks along Glover 
          Street almost to the hospital side entrance and looks back 
          several times at Rita, Norman, and baby Kelly. 
Scene 3:  Dr. Rossi drives up in his sporty red convertible, parks in 
          front of a "Doctors Parking Only" sign, gets out, and talks 
          with Jill.  He suggests to Jill that she join Rita and Norman 
          on the square.  She declines.  She is dressed in her peach 
          colored nurse's aide uniform. 
Scene 4:  Jill Smith signs in and Michael Rossi check a chart at the 
          nurses station.  Jill sits down and Dr. Rossi sits beside her.  
          They talk.  Jill puts herself down. 
Scene 5:  At the Russell home, Marsha is working as the door chimes ring.  
          It is Susan Winter.  Susan says she is lonely.  They talk. 
Scene 6:  On the wharf, Eli goes over and talks to Tom Winter.  Tom is 
          mending lobster traps.  Eli compliments him on his knot tieing.  
          Eli allows that he used to mend lobster traps.  And he also 
          says that he has been to the hospital visiting Rodney 
          Harrington.  Eli philosophizes.  Eli asks Tom to come over and 
          play dominoes sometime. 
Scene 7:  At the Cracker Barrel, Charlie is giving baloney and cheese on 
          white to Jeff.  Carolyn comes in and wants to talk to Jeff. [A 
          lot of people in Peyton Place gave baloney to each other.]  
          Jeff Kramer sits in a booth but doesn't leave room for Carolyn.  
          She asks Jeff to move over.  Jeff says there isn't enough room.  
          Charlie asks Carolyn if he could get her something to eat.  She 
Scene 8:  Dr. Miles is finishing breakfast and is preparing to leave the 
          house and remembers that he has to go to White River Memorial.  
          He talks to his wife and son.  Lewis goes upstairs. 
Preview:  Betty tells Steven she doesn't trust him.  Rossi tells Carolyn 
          that no one is going to stop him from seeing Carolyn's mother.  
          Susan kisses Steven and is rebuffed. 
          BA:  I don't trust you.  I never know when you're telling the 
               truth.  I don't know if you came here to deliver this 
               piece of paper, or to tell me about Rod.
          MR:  No one, not even you, is going to stop me from seeing your 
          SC:  I told you I wasn't in the business of making husbands 
          SW:  Tom's gone.  That's that.