Episode 470.

          Rodney has a short outing from the hospital.
WA:       Today, a small victory in Rodney Harrington's battle to recover 
          from the paralytic effects of a motorcycle accident.  Rodney 
          leaves Doctors Hospital for the first time since his emergency 
          surgery.  Dr. Michael Rossi suggested the brief outing as a 
          means of taking Rodney's mind off his wife.  Rodney has been 
          building doubts about her loyalty.  Building those doubts into 
          a chronic depression.  Anything that attacks that depression 
          will be helpful to the patient. 
Intro:    Two nurses, who were leaving Doctors Hospital, notice that 
          Norman is wheeling Rodney outside.  Rossi following.  The 
          nurses lend a hand negotiating the steps.  One nurse on each 
          side, Norman at his feet, and Dr. Rossi behind his head and 
          back.  Rita comes out of the apartment, sees what's going on, 
          and runs over to join the entourage.  
Scene 1:  Eli, carrying a broom, comes over to express his delight that 
          Rodney is outside.  Rodney speaks to Eli, a couple [the man is 
          Fred], and police Sgt. William Wilson Walker. 
Scene 2:  In his office, Steven is looking out his window, probably 
          watching Rodney.  Susan has come in to distract Steven.  She 
          says it is a beautiful day.  He asks her why she is there.  She 
          comments what an athlete Rodney was.  Steven asks her why she 
          is there.  She says she is going down to the square to frolic 
          with Rodney.  She asks if there's anything she can tell Rodney.  
          She changes her mind and decides to stay and annoy him some 
          more.  She tells him that she is available.  He tells her that 
          he isn't.  Susan kisses Steven.  He rebuffs her. 
Scene 3:  At Doctors Hospital, in his office, Rossi is talking on his 
          multi-line phone.  Carolyn Russell is announced and comes in.  
          He asks about school.  She says she is not there to chat she 
          wants to know about his intentions toward her mother.  She 
          doesn't want her mother to get hurt.  He indicates that his 
          intentions are honorable.  But he is cautious. 
Scene 4:  Steven goes to the wharf and talks to Tom Winter.  He doesn't 
          compliment Tom on his knot-tieing ability.  He doesn't ask him 
          to play dominoes.  Steven says that Susan dropped the charges 
          of adultery and that she will only charge mental 
Scene 5:  In the Harrington Brothers Motorcycle shop, Betty is operating 
          the adding machine.  Steven enters the shop and hands Betty a 
          contract and talks with her.  He says that he really came to 
          see Norman, to talk about Rodney's outing away from the 
          hospital.  Betty was unaware of the outing and is hurt that 
          Rodney had not informed her.  
Scene 6:  A blonde-headed nurse has just left the Information desk as 
          Betty comes in to visit Rodney.  She admits to the nurse that 
          she knows it is after visiting hours.  She has to almost beg 
          the nurse to let her see Rodney.  Betty kisses Rodney.  She 
          talks to Rodney.  Rodney asks Betty to do that again. 
Scene 7:  At the Shoreline teen hangout Nancy is singing to Jeff the 
          band's keyboard player.  Carolyn is observing the singer and 
          the band.  [Your reviewer hopes that in the next series of 
          reruns, they delete this scene.  Or at the least mercifully 
          shorten it.  We imagine that the producer did not want to 
          include singing scenes and made the singing so awful that he 
          would never be importuned to include singing in the Shoreline 
          Cafe teen hangout again.] 
Scene 8:  Carolyn runs outside the Shoreline, and past Ada Jacks' bar.  
          She runs into Joe Rossi, and they talk.  Carolyn figures out 
          that Joe is there because the Shoreline Cafe is near Jill's 
          boarding house. 
Preview:  Marsha talks to Carolyn who is in bed in her nightie.  Susan 
          talks to Eli.  She wants him to help her to talk to Tom.  Jill 
          talks to Joe. 
          MR:  I may have embarrassed you and Jeff.  It was for the best. 
          CR:  What if I had walked in on you and Dr. Rossi? 
          SW:  It would be so important not just to me but to Tom.  
               You'll do it?  Mr. Carson, if we don't talk we'll never be 
               able to get together. 
          JS:  Any plans I make won't include you. 
          JR:  Look, Jill. 
          JS:  Let me out of here.

Special duty nurse-Jacqueline Mayo.
Nancy, singer at the Shoreline Cafe-uncredited.   
Joe Rossi-Michael Christian.
Jeffrey "Jeff" Kramer-John Findlater.
The officer in scene 1 is William Wilson Walker, but he is not 
  identified-Morris Buchanan.