Episode 471.
          Joe proposes to Jill.
WA:       Prognosis on a marriage.  Good, with excellent chances of a 
          full recovery.  Caution must be exercised however in the area 
          of trust.  Tonight, Rodney and Betty Harrington will express 
          their love for one another.  But Betty leaves her husband's 
          room at Doctors Hospital with a feeling that all is not well, 
          that something still hangs between them, an invisible wall. 
Intro:    Betty kissing Rodney. 
Scene 1:  Dr. Fielding is paged.  Dr. Rossi talks with Betty about 
          Rodney.  Betty complains that she was not notified that Rodney 
          was going out for the first time. 
Scene 2:  Dr. Harry Miles drives up and lets Lewis out of the car.  Lewis 
          is to meet Jeff for a ride.  Miles mentions Dr. Corrigan.  
          Lewis asks Jeff to wait a minute.  Miles and his son go into 
          the side door of the hospital and walk past the Information 
          Desk.  They go in and talk with Dr. Rossi.  Rossi seems to be 
          delighted to see Lewis.  Corrigan had scars on his hands.  They 
          had been to see Eli. 
Scene 3:  Jill Smith walks down the stairs from the apartment, and 
          crosses the street.  Joe Rossi is watching from the square.  He 
          calls to her.  He asks how his daughter, Kelly, is.  He wants 
          to talk to her.  Joe follows her into the side door of the 
          hospital and into the elevator.  [The lift has 6 floor selector 
          buttons.  The building is probably 5 story since there is a 
          basement.]  After expressing his love for her he heads toward 
          his brother's office. 
Scene 4:  Joe Rossi storms into Dr. Rossi's office where Michael, Harry, 
          and two other medicine men are having a meeting.  Michael tells 
          him that the meeting will be over in about 30 minutes.  Joe 
          insists that he needs to see Dr. Rossi right away.  Dr. Rossi 
          comes out in the waiting area and talks briefly with Joe.  Joe 
          leaves.  Rossi and Dr. Miles go back in the meeting. 
Scene 5:  Eli goes into the Cider Barrel and asks if his order is ready.  
          Susan is already sitting there and asks Eli if she can speak to 
          him for a moment.  She asks Eli to help her talk to Tom Winter.  
          She wants Eli to entice Tom to the Cider Barrel.  Eli says that 
          he has the impression that Tom is trying to stay away from her.  
          Eli pays Charlie and leaves. 
Scene 6:  Carolyn is in her bedroom with a music box playing and a mobile 
          rotating.  Carolyn gets up, turns off the music box, and shuts 
          the door.  Marsha enters.  They talk at length.  Marsha asks 
          Carolyn if she had quarreled with Jeff.  Carolyn complains 
          about Marsha walking in on her and Jeff. 
Scene 7:  Joe Rossi is looking at two coffee mugs.  They are labeled 
          "Joe" and "Mike."  He is packing.  Jill walks in.  She tells 
          him that she was told at the loading dock that he had quit his 
Preview:  Steven talks with Betty.  Lewis talks with Dr. Miles.  Joe 
          talks with Jill. 
          SC:  The sooner Rod walks, the sooner I can stop it.  Don't say 
               anything to anybody.  Especially Rod.
          LM:  You're not asking me anything.  You're accusing me.
               Come on dad, say it.  I'm listening.

          JR:  Would I be standing here like a dummy?  Throwing myself 
               wide open if I didn't love you?

Charlie, Cider Barrel-Frank London.
Dr. Corrigan-only mentioned.