Episode 472.
          Jill and Joe reconcile.

WA:       Joe Rossi has had it.  He's decided to leave Peyton Place, to 
          put Jill Smith out of his mind, once and for all.  Forget she 
          is the mother of his child.  To forget, if possible, the child 
          herself.  But there is one thing he cannot forget, his brother 
          Mike.  Dr. Michael Rossi.  Mike, who tried so hard to put Joe's 
          life in order.  Mike, who failed, to put Joe's life in order. 
Intro:    In his room, Joe is packing his belongings including his "Joe" 
          coffee mug as Jill walks up to the door. 
Scene 1:  Jill enters and asks Joe where he is going.  She says that she 
          has been looking for him.  She says that they told her at the 
          loading dock that he quit his job.  He says he hasn't made up 
          his mind.  He says he has a bus to catch. 
Scene 2:  Dr. Miles is standing looking at an x-ray of a skull.  He is 
          talking to Dr. Rossi.  The patient had a bad fall.  Rossi tells 
          Miles that Joe is leaving.  Lewis is 17.  Joe is about 20 or 
          21.  Rossi tells Miles that Joe is the mother of Jill's child.  
          Miles notes that Jill is a nurse's aide. 
Scene 3:  Dr. Miles goes home and kisses to his wife.  Alma got a letter 
          from Cliff.  He has been made captain.  Lewis comes home.  Dr. 
          Miles tells his son that a girl called.  Dr. Miles says they 
          got a letter from Cliff.  He has been made captain.  the phone 
          rings and Harry answers.  It was a girl wanting to speak to 
          Lew.  The door chimes ring and Harry lets Lew in.  He kisses 
          his mother and sits down.  Harry gives Lew the letter from 
Scene 4:  Steven is at the Information Desk talking with Miss Choate.  A 
          young boy with limp wrists, in a wheel chair, shows miss Choate 
          that he can lift his right arm.  He has had a bad injury.  Miss 
          Choate opines that Steven's generosity in buying the therapy 
          equipment is helping others, not just Rodney.  Steven has made 
          another payment on the equipment and it now belongs to the 
          hospital.  Dr. Fielding is paged.  Betty walks up and talks 
          with Steven.  He asks miss Choate not to tell anyone that he 
          bought the therapy equipment.  Therapist Chuck Atwell wheels 
          Rodney past them and into the exercise room.  Betty follows 
          them in and talks with Rodney.  Rodney tells her it bothers him 
          when she is late for a visit.  There is a knock on the door.  
          Rodney says, "Just a minute."  Betty says, "Come on in."  Chuck 
          comes in and Betty leaves. 
Scene 5:  Joe and Jill walk to Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house.  They go up 
          the steps with their arms around each others' waists.  Tom 
          Winter is watching from a distance. 
Preview:  Joe and Mike are shouting in Italian to each other at the 
          bandstand.  Dr. Miles talks to Rodney.  Andy Davies yells at 
          Tom Winter. 
          MR:  Italian. 
          JR:  Italian.

          HM:  I'm a very stubborn man.  I know what's happening.  I'm 
               not cutting out on either of you.  You dig?

          AD:  You work for me and you're going to follow orders.  Now is 
               that clear to you, man?
Andy Davies, the lobster boat owner-Will Kuluva [TZ]