Episode 473.

          Jill and Joe marry and disappear from the series. 
WA:       Today Joe Rossi married Jill Smith, and in so doing, he made a 
          statement to the town.  A statement that he, too, is an 
          individual, unique and special, and not simply the shadow of 
          his brother, Dr. Michael Rossi.  That he, too, has a right to a 
          fulfilling life.  For Joe's bride, the marriage is an end to a 
          life of running and a beginning of something positive. 
Intro:    Joe and Jill leave the courthouse, newly married.  Joe is 
          wearing a business suit.  Jill is wearing a turquoise, or light 
          blue, business dress.  They walk over to the square. 
Scene 1:  Joe and Jill walk to the center of the square and climb the 
          steps of the bandstand.  Dr. Michael Rossi comes over and 
          speaks loudly to the newly-weds in Italian.  The 
          Rossi-three walk over to the Pharmacy and climb the 
          steps to Norman and Rita's apartment. 

Scene 2:  They enter the apartment without knocking.  Inside are Norman 
          Harrington, Rita Jacks Harrington, Ada Jacks, Dr. Rossi and 
          legally legitimized infant Kelly McCormick Smith Rossi.  The 
          adults all talk.  Joe looks out the window and sees lawyer 
          Steven Cord waving a court document at him.  And making a 
          symbolic "everything's okay" hand gesture.  It is reasonably 
          assumed to be papers returning Kelly to the happy couple. 
Scene 3:  On the wharf, Andy Davies yells at and berates ex-Rev. Tom 
          Winter for expanding on instructions he had been given.  
          Charlie grabs the scraper and throws it aside.  Andy wants for 
          Tom just to put two coats of paint on the boat.  Tom Winter 
          mentions that he had jumped overboard to retrieve Chad's 
          boots.  Andy relates the superstition that when a sailor dies 
          on a boat, the other sailors start looking for a different 
          fishing boat to avoid the risk of disaster.  Andy lays down the 
          law to Tom Winter about following orders. 

Scene 4:  In the Cider Barrel, a man is drinking from a coffee-cup 
          saucer.  Jeff talks with Lew.  Lew tries to put Jeff on.  Lew 
          says that he is working under cover for the government.  He 
          allows that it builds his character.  Sign: This Week's 
          Special:  Stew $1.00. 

          As a customer leaves, Carolyn Russell comes in and talks with Lew.  
          She asks about his visit to New York City.  She then goes over and 
          sits by Jeff.  Carolyn asks Charlie for some of his fantastic goop.  
          Charlie says that he has just finished making it.  

          The pay phone on the wall rings.  Charlie answers it.  It is a 
          call for Lew.  Charlie says that it is Vickie Fletcher calling 
          long distance from New York city.  Jeff asks Lew what his girl 
          is like.  Jeff taunts Lew about the girl who called.  Jeff 
          mentions Nancy, the girl singer in his group. 

Scene 5:  Dr. Miles talks with Rodney. 
Scene 6:  In their apartment, Norman and Rita gather up the baby bed and 
          other baby paraphernaia to return to Jill and Joe Rossi. 
Scene 7:  On the wharf, Eli and Jill walk down the stairs from Mrs. 
          Hewitt's boarding house and walk over to the car.  Joe comes 
          down the stairs.  Joe thanks Eli Carson and shakes his hand.  
          They drive off in what appears to be Eddie Jacks' old jalopy. 
Preview:  Tom Winter talks with Michael Rossi.  Jeff Kramer talks with 
          Norman.  Rodney Harrington talks with Dr. Rossi. 

          TW:  Some people think they can help me by shocking me. I know 
               all the tricks.  All the tricks that you and people like 
               you have been trying to use. 
          JK:  Norman, I know it doesn't look good, Carolyn and I going 
               into the Shoreline alone.  But nothing's happening.  Ok? 

          RH:  You don't get any points for being the strongest man in a 
          MR:  You tell that to Atwell the next time when he's putting 
               those weights on your press bar. 
          RH:  You tell him.  I quit.

Nancy, singer in Jeff's group-Pillory episode 442-only mentioned. 
Chad, boat worker-only mentioned.