Episode 474.
          Tom Winter cuts his hand.
WA:       Dr. Michael Rossi has a problem patient, his friend Rodney 
          Harrington.  Today, Dr. Rossi had every reason to assume that 
          he could leave Rodney to his therapeutic routine.  Leave him 
          long enough to attend to administrative matters.  But the 
          doctor has been summoned back, forced to deal with his problem 

Intro:    Dr. Rossi drives up to Doctors Hospital in his sporty red 
          convertible.  He gets out, removes his briefcase and a jacket 
          from the back seat, and an item from the dash, and starts to go 
          in.  Chuck Atwell, the physical therapist comes out. 
Scene 1:  They begin to discuss Rodney Harrington.  They go inside.  
          Chuck Atwell asks Dr. Rossi how to get Rodney to resume his 
Scene 2:  Inside the hospital, they continue to discuss Rodney at the 
          Information desk.  Rossi hands the special duty nurse the 
          briefcase and the jacket.  Rossi walks off and Chuck Atwell 
          stops and opines. 
Scene 3:  Dr. Rossi goes into Rodney's room and hassles him about 
          refusing therapy.  Rodney tells him that he quits.  Rodney 
          says, "You don't get any points for being the strongest man in 
          a wheelchair." 
Scene 4:  Carolyn comes home and starts up the stairs and her mother, 
          Marsha tells her, "Come here right now."  They talk.  Carolyn 
          was supposed to come straight home after class.  She was three 
          hours late. 
Scene 5:  Norman is closing the large double bi-fold door of the 
          motorcycle shop and Jeff walks over from the Shoreline and his 
          dune buggy.  Jeff inquires of Rodney's health.  They also talk 
          about Jeff's musical gigs at the Shoreline.  Jeff sits on a 
          motorcycle and they continue to talk.  Jeff says, "Norman, I 
          know it doesn't look good, Carolyn and I going into the 
          Shoreline alone.  But nothing's going on." 
Scene 6:  On the wharf, Tom Winter is working.  He cuts his hand on a 
          gaffing hook.  Tom explains to Andy Davies, his boss, that he 
          scratched his hand on the gaffing hook.  Andy says it looks 
          really bad.  Andy strongly suggests that Tom go to the 
          hospital.  Then Andy insists that Tom go to the hospital.  He 
          threatens Tom if he doesn't follow orders.  Norman rides up on 
          a motorcycle and asks what is going on.  He offers Tom a ride 
          to the hospital and Tom accepts.  The Peyton Place Arcade is in 
          the background.  [Norman apparently has forgotten what happened 
          the last time he rode double]. 
Scene 7:  In his office, Steven is talking on the phone.  Dr. Rossi is in 
          the office waiting.  He asks a favor of Steven.  He wants 
          Steven to see Rodney and talk with him. 
Scene 8:  Tom Winter is in the hospital corridor.  He runs into Dr. Rossi 
          who has come back from Steven's office.  They talk.  Rossi asks 
          Tom to go in and see Rodney.  Tom thinks that people are giving 
          him things to do to get him back in the ministry.  This is only 
          partially true.  Tom Winter says, "Some people think they can 
          help me by shocking me." 
Scene 9:  Tom Winter goes in and talks with Rodney, who is sitting in a 
Preview:  Nurse Paula Dixon tells Betty that Rodney has asked for a NO 
          VISITORS sign to be put on his room.  He doesn't want to be 
          disturbed, not even by Betty.  Steven talks to Rodney. 
          No:  Mrs. Harrington.  I don't know how to say this but he's 
               asked to have a "No Visitors" sign put on his door. 
          BA:  And?  
          N:   And, he doesn't want to be disturbed.  He mentioned you 
          SC:  I still wear this, because that's the way I feel about 
               her. And I'm going to keep on wearing it until I know 
               how she feels, how she really feels.

Peyton Place Arcade.
Andy Davies-Will Kuluva.
Nurse Paula Dixon-Joan Van Ark