Episode 475.
WA:       For some time now, Tom Winter has been unable to concern 
          himself about anyone.  But a few minutes ago, Tom walked by 
          Rodney Harrington's hospital room.  Unobserved by Rodney he saw 
          the effects of physical pain.  The dispair of a man who's 
          losing the battle to fight back.  And Tom winter experienced a 
          strange sensation again.  A sensation of caring about someone. 
Intro:    Tom walking away from Doctors Hospital toward the fire station. 

Scene 1:  Norman Harrington calls to Rev. Tom Winter and offers him a 
          ride back to the wharf.  Tom allows that he would rather walk 
          back.  Rita is with Norman and the three talk.  Norman asks Tom 
          if he saw Rodney.  Tom agrees that he saw Rodney, but he didn't 
          talk with him.  Tom leaves.  Norman and Rita walk away.  Susan 
          is standing in front of the Pharmacy.  Norman and Rita then 
          talk with Susan Winter.  Rita goes up the stairs to the 
          apartment.  Norman talks with Susan.  Susan says that Norman 
          doesn't get the point.  Tom wants to be hurt. 
Scene 2:  Carolyn comes in the Cider Barrel as a couple are leaving.  She 
          talks briefly with Lewis.  He tells her that Jeff had already 
          been there.  Carolyn says she has do reason to be waiting for 
          Joe Rossi.  Lew's mother, Alma, comes in.  Carolyn speaks to 
          Alma.  Carolyn leaves.  A customer pays his bill, $1.15.  Alma 
          asks Lew what happened in New York.  A man pays his bill.  Alma 
          says that she wants to know what is going on.  Another customer 
          interrupts by paying his bill. 

Scene 3:  In the hospital, Steven goes in to talk to Rodney.  Rodney 
          tells him to shut the door on his way out.  Steven provokes 
          Rodney by telling him he still loves Betty.  He wheels Rodney 
          toward the door.  Rodney grabs the bed and falls out of the 
          wheelchair.  Steven shows no indication of sympathy.  He leaves 
          Rodney lying on the floor.  Steven says, "I still wear this, 
          because that's the way I feel about her.  And I'm going to keep 
          on wearing it until I know how she feels." 
Scene 4:  In Dr. Rossi's hospital office, Rossi talks to Dr. Harry Miles 
          about the relapse that Rodney has suffered.  Rossi shows him 
          the progress report.  

Scene 5:  Betty comes into the hospital and talks to the duty nurse 
          Paula Dixon at the Information desk.  The nurse tells 
          Betty that Rodney doesn't want to be disturbed.  She says that 
          Rodney has requested a NO VISITORS sign put on his door.  
          Betty goes to his door and starts to go in, but changes her 
          mind and leaves the hospital. 

Preview:  Steven has a reaction to hearing of Peyton's death.  He smashes 
          some bottles, jars, and figurines.  Rodney talks to Tom.  Susan 
          and Steven embrace and kiss each other. 
          SC:  Its all mine now and I can do whatever I want with it. 

          RH:  I don't need you.  You're pathetic.  Because you wear 
               your failure like a badge of honor.

          SW:  That way you'll get nice things.  Good things.

Paula Dixon, nurse-Joan Van Ark.  The closing credits give her name as 
Joan Van Arc.  Joan Van Ark appeared in 3 episodes of the series.
474 475 476.  She appeared in the preview in 474.