Episode 476.
          Martin Peyton dies.

WA:       The first snow of the season is early, and the Peyton Place 
          wharf suddenly becomes a familiar New England portrait.  Betty 
          Harrington barely notices it.  A few minutes ago she was turned 
          away from Doctors Hospital, on orders from her husband, Rodney 
          who refused to see her, telling the night nurse he was 
          exhausted from hours of therapy.  But Betty knew that she was 
          turned away because of Rodney's doubts from doubt about her 
          loyalty to him.  Now she's determined to find the one person 
          who might break through Rodney's suspicions.  That person is a 
          fisherman named Tom Winter, who used to be the Reverend Tom 
Intro:    Couple walking on the wharf, then running.  Betty walking on 
          the wharf wearing slacks and a gold coat. 
Scene 1:  Standing beside Tom Winter's fishing boat, Betty requests 
          permission to come aboard.  Tom Winter denies permission.  She 
          stands on the wharf and talks to Tom.  He goes b'low.  She 
          follows without permission.  She goes b'low.  They talk a 
          while.  Tom admits seeing Rodney in the hospital, but Rodney 
          didn't see him.  Tom admits that he is troubled.  Betty goes 
          back up on deck and leaves. 
Scene 2:  Lew comes in the Miles' house.  He wants to hurry but his 
          mother, Alma, wants to chat.  He kisses her and agrees to join 
          her at dinner.  
Scene 3:  Carolyn Russell is going into the Shoreline Cafe.  Lewis Miles 
          is walking from the other direction and watches her go in. 
Scene 4:  At the Peyton mansion, Steven comes in to find Susan waiting 
          for him.  She talks incessantly.  Steven says, "Goodbye Susan."  
          Susan asks Steven who he is saving himself for.  Steven is 
          kissing Susan as the maid, Mary, comes in to tell him that he 
          has an urgent telephone call from Hannah Cord in Boston. 
Scene 5:  Steven goes in the other room to take the call.  Hannah tells 
          him that Martin Peyton is dead.  She is obviously upset.  
          Steven and his "mother" talk briefly.  However, he calls her 
          "Hannah."  Susan asks if it is bad news.  Steven says that all 
          depends how you look at it.  Susan says that she still loves 
          Tom and if he would take her back, she would be back in a 
          minute.  Steven says he still loves Betty.  He returns to Susan 
          and gets a drink.  Susan gazes at the portrait of Betty.  
          Steven starts breaking bottles, jars, and figurines. 

Scene 6:  Tom winter walks around the corner and goes in the hospital.  
          He asks miss Choate if he can see Rossi.  Tom goes in and talks 
          with Dr. Rossi.  He goes in and talks with Rodney. 
Preview:  Rodney talks to Betty about the money.  Joanna speaks 
          accusingly to Lewis.  Steven talks to an angry Betty. 
          RH:  You had to feel that the money was practically yours. He 
               use to wave it under your chin. 
          BA:  You don't really believe that.
          RH:  I do.
          JW:  You're not Lew Miles.  You're somebody else.  You've 
               changed.  The Lew miles I knew, was straight with me.  

          SC:  You hit the jackpot, Mrs. Rodney Harrington.  You really 
               hung in there. 
          BA:  Get out.
Special duty nurse-Jacqueline Mayo.