Episode 477. 
          Rossi visits the Harrington Brothers Motorcycle Shop.
WA:       Tonight Steven Cord carries information he has just received 
          from a Boston clinic.  He is determined to observe the impact 
          of this information on Betty Harrington.  He is convinced that 
          her life will change in a sudden and destructive way.  And thus 
          affect the lives all those close to her. 
Intro:    At night, Steven Cord drives to the home of Betty and Rodney 
          Harrington near the Shoreline Cafe and the Harrington Brothers 
          Motorcycle shop. 
Scene 1:  Steven Cord shows up at Betty's door.  She opens the door and 
          tells him to go away.  Steven informs her that Martin Peyton is 
          dead.  She relents and lets him in.  They talk about the life 
          and death of Martin Peyton. 
Scene 2:  Steven and Betty meet Norman and Rita at the Information Desk 
          in the reception room of Doctors Hospital.  They go in to see 
          Rodney.  He is reading a book.  Steven breaks the news to Rita, 
          Norman, and Rodney.  Steven, Norman, and Rita leave.  Rodney 
          says, "You had to feel that money was practically yours."  
          Betty says, "Not mine, ours." 
Scene 3:  Dr. Miles has a heart-to-heart talk with his son Lewis. 
Scene 4:  At the Harrington Brothers Motorcycle shop, Dr. Rossi comes in 
          to talk with Norman.  He offers Norman his condolences about 
          the loss of his grandfather.  Rossi mentions that this is the 
          first time he has been to Norman's shop.  He wants to talk 
          about Rodney's therapy.  Norman mentions a solid gold 
          wheelchair.  Rossi looks out the window and sees Jeff Kramer's 
          dune buggy. [The series was filmed in California.] 
Scene 5:  Lew meets up with and talks to Joanna Walker at the bandstand 
          on the square. 
Scene 6:  Eli greets Tom Winter and talks about the death of Miss Liza 
          Newton.  Tom mentioned that Dr. Miles had asked him to go talk 
          with her before she died.  But he neglected to.  Eli asks Tom 
          to promise him that he will show up for Eli's funeral when the 
          time comes.  Tom agrees.  [Tom leaves the ministry later so 
          this promise is probably left unfulfilled.] 
Scene 7:  Dr. Harry Miles talks to Ex-Rev. Tom Winter on the Wharf.  Dr. 
          Miles tells Winter that he asked Rev. Harris of White River to 
          visit spinster Liza Newton before she died.  Harris was of a 
          different denomination.  Miles asks Winter to visit Rodney.  
Scene 8:  At the hospital, Dr. Miles berates miss Choate for allowing a 
          patient lay in the corridor without any care.  Rossi walks up 
          and ushers Harry into his office to talk. 

Scene 9:  Betty goes in to see Steven Cord at the Peyton mansion.  Betty 
          tells him that she will take care of all the funeral arrangements.  
          Betty tells Steven that he was being very presumptious in assuming 
          that he would take care of the arrangements.  She has 
          informed Peyton's Boston lawyers that she is flying to Boston to 
          accompany the body back to Peyton Place in the hearse.  She 
          leaves the mansion. 
Preview:  Dr. Rossi talks to Marsha.  Susan Winter talks to Steven.  
          Marsha Russell talks with Carolyn. 
          MR:  You know, you can go too far with this thing.  You can 
               pound it in the ground til doomsday.  How long are you 
               going to let Carolyn stand betweeen us?
          SW:  I'm not just throwing myself at anyone.  You're hand 
               picked.  I want you.
          MR:  I want to know exactly what kind of relationship you're 
               having with Jeff. 
          CR:  What do you mean by that? 
          MR:  Answer me.

Dune buggy.
Liza Newton, patient who died. 
Lewis Miles-Glynn Turman.
Joanna Walker-Jeanne Buckley.
Rev. Harris of White River, mentioned.