Episode 478.
          Betty makes arrangements for Peyton's funeral. 
WA:       The news of Martin Peyton's death came first to Steven Cord. 
          Steven moved quickly and with purpose. He took the information 
          to Betty Harrington.  But Betty surprised Steven.  She handled 
          the fact of Peyton's death in a very special way, a way which 
          cornered and threatened Steven. 

Intro:    Steven Cord walking across the square to the Clarion.  The 
          paper has the bold headline: 
                             MARTIN PEYTON DIES
Scene 1:  In the exercise therapy room, Rodney is working on the special 
          "therapy machine."  Chuck Atwell is there monitoring and 
          helping Rodney as Steven Cord walks in.  Steven tries to talk 
          to Rodney.  Steven says he is willing to take care of the 
          burial arrangements. 
Scene 2:  In the beach house Rossi is entertaining Marsha Russell.  He 
          selects some music that his brother, Joe has left behind.  They 
          talk at length.  Then they begin to argue like an old married 
Scene 3:  In his inner office, Steven is working as Susan Winter enters 
          the outer office.  She knocks and Steven welcomes her.  She 
          peeks outside through the venetian blinds.  He takes her coat.  
          She says that she came up to see him because she saw his car 
          outside on the square.  He says he has a lot of work to finish 
          and tactfully encourages her to leave.  She kisses him and he 
          responds.  She tells him that she missed him today.  They 
          continue to talk.  She hugs him. She takes the phone off the 
Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi comes into the Cider Barrel and talks to Lew Miles.  
          They talk about Lew's father and Lew's future. 
Scene 5:  In Carolyn's bedroom, Marsha talks with Carolyn.  She asks 
          Carolyn when she last saw Jeff.  Marsha goes down stairs. 
Scene 6:  Marsha places a call to Fred.  She dials ten digits.  Fred 
          answers.  Marsha asks for Fred's help with Carolyn's 
          involvement with a boy.  He promises to drive down the next 

Preview:  Marsha talks with Fred.  Lew talks with Harry. 
          MR:  That is not what I mean. 
          FR:  What do you mean? 
          MR:  We were talking about Carolyn. 
          FR:  We were talking about your version of Carolyn, yours 
               and Mike Rossi's.
          LM:  Well things are a changing. 
          HM:  That's right. Things are a changing, and you can help 
               change them, too. 
          LM:  Well, how?  By graduating at the top of my class?  By 
               becoming a doctor? 
          HM:  And what's wrong with being a beautiful black doctor?