Episode 479.
          A hearse brings Martin Peyton's body back from Boston.
WA:       Martin Peyton is dead.  His death was expected.  Still the 
          town, named after his family, reacts with a sense of shock.  
          The body has been accompanied by Betty Harrington, who happens 
          to be the principal beneficiary of Peyton's will.  No one who 
          lived in this town for very long, could avoid the impact of 
          Martin Peyton.  And now that he is gone, the residents of 
          Peyton Place must find other sources of strength, and other 
          sources of hatred.  Betty rode in this limousine frequently, 
          when she was mistress of the Peyton house, when she was married 
          to Steven Cord.  Now, she rides in it again, alone, trying to 
          make the adjustment to vast wealth and patronage.  Seeing 
          herself in a position of authority, dominating the town, 
          working with the subleties of human behavior learned from 
          Peyton himself.  While her husband waits for her in the 
          hospital, nervously toying with his latest gift, a tennis ball 
          marked Love is the Score. 
Intro:    A hearse driving slowly into town carrying Martin Peyton.  
          Betty Harrington is in the limousine following the hearse. 
Scene 1:  Betty goes into Doctors Hospital to visit Rodney.  She says she 
          was talking with Steven.  He was all set to go to Boston to 
          stand in for Rodney.  They talk at length.  Rodney tells Betty 
          says that Steven still loves her.  Betty says that she is what 
          she wants to be, Rodney's wife.  Betty kisses him and leaves.  
          Rodney throws the tennis ball marked as follows: 

                          THE SCORE IS LOVE 

Scene 2:  Miss Gladys Roberts' Science class.  She tells the class that 
          Mr. Klinger the woodshop teacher will have the colony enclosure 
          ready by the end of the week.  Dennis explains the science 
          project.  There is a prop Periodic table on the wall to 
          underscore the fact that this is a science or chemistry class. 
          Carolyn speaks and turns things over to Lydia, calling her 
Scene 3:  Outside class, Carolyn calls to Lew.  Lew ignores her and walks 
          off.  Jeff walks up and talks with Carolyn.  Jeff tells her 
          that they aren't ready to talk about marriage with Carolyn's 
          mother.  Jeff tells Carolyn that she is a scared little kid. 
Scene 4:  In Harry Miles' hospital office, Dr. Miles talks with his son.  
          He tells his son how hard he worked to get where he is.  He 
          tries to shame his son into doing better work in school.  He 
          asks Lew why he cool it on the project in school.  Dr. 
          Miles asks Lew why he lost interest in becoming a doctor. 
Scene 5:  In Rodney's hospital room, Dr. Rossi hands a pen to Dr. Miles.  
          Using the pen, Miles tests Rodney's sensitivity.  Rodney has 
          developed feeling in his right foot.  Rossi says that Betty 
          almost scared Mrs. Green out of her hospital gown.  Betty and 
          the doctors talk with Rodney.  The doctors leave.  Rodney asks 
          Betty to get him a pair of slippers.  Betty and Rodney talk.  
          Betty wants to live in Boston and travel the world.  Betty 
Scene 6:  Marsha admits Fred to her house, the old Carson house.  He 
          comes in and talks to her.  She tells him Carolyn is having an 
          affair with Jeff Kramer. 
Preview:  Dr. Miles talks to his son.  Hannah talks sharply to Betty.  
          HM:  I've been a black man much longer than you've been a 
               black boy.  If you don't want to try for a medical 
               career, fine.  Don't try to tell me how to be a doctor.  
          HC:  Martin Peyton is dead.  But I'm very much alive and I'm 
               going to enjoy watching you take all the wrong options.  

Lydia-Lynn James.
Dennis-Robert Dunlap.
Gladys Roberts, science teacher-Mary Jackson.