Episode 480.
          Martin Peyton's funeral.
WA:       Today, Betty Harrington takes over.  As the people of the town 
          approach the chapel to pay their respects to the memory of 
          Marton Peyton, Betty places herself in a position of authority.  
          Wanting to establish a new fact of Peyton Place life, that she 
          and her husband, Rodney, are about to inherit a vast fortune.  
          And that in a strange way, the young Harringtons will replace 
          Martin Peyton.  And while the whole town appears to be moving 
          toward the church, Dr. Miles heads for his place of work, the 
Intro:    Posted announcement outside the Wayside Church concerning 
          Martin Peyton.  The townfolk going into the church. 
Scene 1:  Dr. Miles encounters Rodney sitting in his wheelchair, out of 
          the hospital for the funeral of his grandfather.  Dr. Miles 
          says, "My sympathies."  Rodney says, "Thank you, Dr. Miles.  
          You didn't know my grandfather, did you?"  Dr. Miles says, 
          "Yes, we met once."  Dr. Miles continues on toward the south 
          side entrance to the hospital.  
Scene 2:  Fred Russell takes his daughter Carolyn out to eat at the 
          Colonial Post Inn.  He said that he never had seen this place 
          so empty.  And he says he read the Peyton obituary in the 
          Boston paper.  He adds that Peyton must have found a way to 
          take it with him, or he wouldn't have left.  Carolyn decides to 
          have a club sandwich and a glass of milk.  She asks about Donna 
          Franklin.  He says that Donna is fine.  Carolyn says to say 
          hello.  And they discuss Marsha, and that Marsha thinks Jeff 
          and Carolyn are having an affair.  Carolyn denies that they are 
          engaged or going steady.  Carolyn adds that Marsha even thinks 
          that she and Jeff are having an affair.  He asks about school. 
Scene 3:  The townsfolk, Rodney, Norman and Betty, are leaving the 
          Wayside Church.  
Scene 4:  Betty tells Rodney that she is going to check that things are 
          going properly.  She goes back into the Wayside Church and 
          talks with old attorney William Kennerly.  He assures her that 
          the arrangements are in order.  They will begin to process the 
          estate and get probate under way.  Kennerly says that the 
          estate was complex, to say the least.  Betty and attorney 
          Kennerly leave. 

Scene 5:  Steven Cord and Susan Winter have attended the funeral of 
          Martin Peyton together.  They go inside the chapel and talk.  
          Susan is wearing a black scarf or mantilla.  Susan remarks that 
          Betty is taking over.  Susan said that she tried to get Rev. 
          Tom to put in a bar.  Steven talks about his fascination with 
          funerals.  He says that he will fight back in his own way and 
          his own time.  Behind Steven is seen a stained glass window: 

                               In memory of 
                           Catherine Harrington 
Scene 6:  The chauffeur stops to let Betty out at her house.  She tells 
          Mrs. Hannah Cord goodbye.  The chauffeur offers to show Betty 
          to the door.  Bdtty declines.  She tells him to return to 
          Boston after he lets Mrs. Cord off at her destination.  

Scene 7:  Betty goes inside and removes her overcoat.  She is dressed in 
          all white.  She goes upstairs and gets a jewel box out of a 
          wardrobe cabinet.  She opens it and tries on a necklace.  Betty 
          hears the front door open and then close.  

          Even though uninvited, Hannah comes right in.  Betty goes to 
          the railing.  Hannah says, "It's all a matter of degree."  
          Betty says, "What?"  Hannah says, "The business of taking over.  
          You're pushing it, Betty."  She talks about Martin Peyton and 
          Betty.  Betty asks Hannah to leave.  Hannah hangs around quite 
          a while talking.  She says that Betty humiliated Steven today 
          by taking over.  Hannah wanted Steven to be the man.  She says 
          Peyton is dead, but she, Hannah is alive.  Hannah leaves.  
          Betty slams the door. 
Scene 8:  Dr. Miles comes home and into his bedroom.  His wife Alma is 
          dancing alone.  She greets him.  He kisses her.  She says that 
          she went to the market.  They talk to their son. 

Scene 9:  At the Peyton mansion, Betty and Steven discuss the portrait of 
          Betty.  Betty says, "Take it down."  Steven says, "Well, that 
          means a great deal to me."  Betty says, "There used to be a 
          library ladder around here."  Susan announces herself.  
          Steven reminds Betty it was his birthday present.  Susan tells 
          Steven, "Take the moldy old painting down."  Susan suggests 
          that perhaps there might be a safe behind it.  Betty tells 
          Susan to shut up.  

          Betty leaves and goes out to the car.  Susan suggests that they 
          put a mustache on it.  Susan and Steven talk and smooch.  Steven 
          stares at the portrait.  He turns to Susan and says that Betty 
          was a replacement for his daughter Catherine.  Steven says that 
          Betty can have the portrait.  Susan asks about the drapes. 
Preview:  Betty talks with Norman.  Chuck Atwell tries to encourage 
          Rodney.  Marsha shouts at Fred. 
          BA:  That painting belongs to me.  
          NH:  If you want your marriage with Rodney to last, you would take 
               this painting and put it the deepest closet you can find.

          CA:  Straighten your back.
          RH:  I can't.
          MR:  If anyone has set a rotten example in this household, it 
               was you.  How do you think she felt when she found out the 
               real reason for our divorce?

Reverend A.J. Sykes officiated at funeral, but not seen.
The chauffeur in this episode is not identified, it is possible that he 
  could be Munsen. [see episode 505].
Alma went to a market.