Episode 481.
          Betty wants to get her portrait hanged.

WA:       Fred Russell has returned to Peyton Place.  He has been 
          summoned by the woman who divorced him many months ago, Marsha 
          Russell, who simply felt unable to cope with her maturing 
          daughter's involvement with one of the young musicians at the 
          Shoreline.  Tonight Fred has decided to take charge, to handle 
          his daughter's problems.  In his own way, the cool way. 
Intro:    Fred Russell is on the wharf, walking toward the Shoreline. 
Scene 1:  At the Shoreline dance hall, the band is playing.  The 
          teenagers are talking.  Fred comes in and summons Jeff.  Jeff 
          and Fred talk privately.  Fred asks Jeff what kind of 
          relationship he is having with his daughter.  Jeff agrees to 
          call it a "casual" relationship.  Fred tells Jeff to stay away 
          from Carolyn. 
Scene 2:  Norman walks over to Betty's house.  She asks Norman to hang 
          her portrait.  She tells him that she left it in the car.  
          Norman tells her she can't keep it here.  Norman says it is 
          sick.  Like a bad joke.  Norman says, "You should put it in the 
          deepest closet you can find and leave it there."  Betty 
          perceives that Norman is not pleased. 
Scene 3:  Fred goes to the old Carson house to talk to Marsha about 
          Carolyn and Jeff.  She is surprised.  She tells him that 
          Carolyn has gone to the movies.  Marsha tells Fred that Carolyn 
          says there is nothing bad going on.  Fred says it would never 
          have happened if he'd been there.  He moved to Boston to let 
          Marsha make a better life for herself.  They talk at length. 
Scene 4:  At the hospital, Rodney is trying to walk with the aid of some 
          "therapy equipment."  Betty comes in to see Rodney.  She talks 
          to Chuck Atwell, the therapist, and refers to Rodney as "Golden 
          Boy."  Atwell says, "straighten your back." 
Scene 5:  Norman goes to see Steven in his inner office.  He fusses at 
          Steven about Betty.  Steven tells Norman that he upsets his 
          secretary when he bursts in like he did.  He tells Steven he 
          wants the portrait out of the house.  Steven says it was all 
          Betty's idea.  That she demended it. 
Scene 6:  Betty drives home and brings in a sack of groceries with greens 
          protruding out the top.  She calls Eli carson.  She asks Eli to 
          hang her portrait.  She warns him the portrait is heavy.  Betty 
          looks up and discovers that the portrait has already been hung.  
          She thanks him anyway.  [In episode 484 it is acknowledged that 
          Norman finally hung it]. 
Preview:  Carolyn talks to Jeff.  Norman talks to Rita.  Marsha talks to 
          Dr. Rossi. 
          CR:  Have you stopped thinking about yourself long enough to 
               think about me and how I feel?  To hear that my father 
               is running around checking up on me?

          NH:  I thought I was wrong about Betty but I'm not. Now the 
               only reason she married Rodney was to get the money 
               from grandfather Peyton.
          MR:  You think I enjoy this?  You think I want to lose you? 
          MR:  There is another solution.  We could get married.

Betty has been to a market or grocery store.