Episoee 482.
          Rodney in the hot tub.

WA:       A few days ago, in the corridor of Doctors Hospital, young Lew 
          Miles told his father, Dr. Harry Miles, that he would return to 
          his extra-curricular science project.  A decision which seemed 
          to carry with it a revival of Dr. Miles hopes that Lew 
          eventually would become a doctor himself.  Now Lew waits along 
          with other honor students for miss Gladys Roberts, their 
          science teacher, but Lew's battle in himself is raging and is 
          about to make itself known. 
Intro:    Doctors Hospital.  Science Lab.  Miss Gladys Roberts. 
Scene 1:  The Science class, with lots of bottles, chemicals, and flasks, 
          and even a periodic table. 
Scene 2:  Lew, identifying himself as Dr. Miles, calls Harper Hospital, 
          in New York City, to inquire about the condition of a male 
          patient named E. J. Cunningham.  The operator tells him that 
          there is no change.  Lew asks if he is still in a coma.  
          Annoyed, the nurse again says there is no change. 
Scene 3:  Dr. Miles is handed the toll charges for the New York call.  
          Miles is surprised, but not really. 
Scene 4:  Dr. Michael Rossi talks to Dr. Harry Miles.  The science 
          students are using the basement of Doctors Hospital for their 
          experiment.  The students refer to the enclosure as "Rodent 
          Heights, a planned community." 
Scene 5:  Marsha tells Dr. Rossi that she is afraid of losing Carolyn. 
Scene 6:  In the corridor, at school, Jeff grabs and talks with Carolyn.  
          Jeff wants to know what she told her father.  Carolyn runs 
          outside with Jeff following. 

                              PEYTON PLACE
                              HIGH  SCHOOL
Scene 7:  Therapist, Chuck Atwell, is helping Rodney in the therapy hot 
          tub.  Norman and Rita come in to visit.  Rodney is dressed with 
          adequate modesty.  Rita is wearing a strange hat. 
Scene 8:  Outside the water therapy room, Norman talks with Rita.  Norman 
          tells Rita that he hopes Rodney and Betty separate.  They walk 
          by the elevator.  [There is now a water fountain and a cup 
          dispenser by the elevator.  The obstruction near the elevator 
          would now be an OSHA violation.  We were not blessed with OSHA 
          fanatics back then.] 
Scene 9:  At the Cider Barrel, Lew is cleaning tables.  He reads the 
          paper.  He tears out an item.  Dr. Miles comes in and talks.  
          Lew slams his fist down. 
Preview:  Rev. Tom Winter talks to Lewis Miles.  Ada talks to Rita.  Fred 
          yells at Carolyn and she yells back. 
          TW:  You should talk to your father about it.  
          LM:  You're right.  
          TW:  You think I won't listen because you're black and I'm 

          AJ:  That the kind of guy you married.  You want to exchange 
               him for a lush.  You mean you're not even talking to 
               Norman now?
          FR:  Carolyn, I will not permit you to go back by yourself.
          CR:  I don't want to stay here, do you understand that? 

E. J. Cunningham, hit-and-run victim.        
Gladys Roberts, science teacher-Mary Jackson.