Episoee 483.

          Carolyn makes a surprise visit to her father in Boston.
WA:       Tonight, Marsha Russell finds herself in a house of strangers.  
          Despite her countless efforts to win the confidence of her 
          daughter, Carolyn, she has seen the distance between the living 
          room and Carolyn's upstairs bedroom grow to vast porportions.  
          Carolyn, too, is totally aware of the distance between them and 
          for her growning need for the companionship and understanding 
          of her father. 
Intro:    The Russell mail box.  Inside the Russell house, Marsha turns 
          out the light. 
Scene 1:  Marsha goes to Carolyn's room and sits on the bed to talk.  
          Marsha suggests that they go an auction at Haverhill and buy an 
          antique bed for Carolyn.  Carolyn says would like to talk but 
          needs to sleep.  She says that she needs to work on her science 
          project at school even on weekends, and that she has a cold. 
Scene 2:  Rodent Heights science project in the hospital basement.  Dave, 
          Lewis, Carolyn, and another girl.  Lew mentions that he had 
          forgotten about the infra-red lights.  They are there to fool 
          the rats.  Mr. Ed, a rat is mentioned. 
Scene 3:  In the hospital corridor, Rodney is walking using a 
          chair-walker. Chuck Atwell opens the double doors for him.  
          Atwell goes in to see Dr. Miles.  Rodney has navigated the 
          whole length of the hall.  Dr. Miles reeks with sarcasm.  
          Atwell leaves.  Miles wife comes in, kisses him and asks him to 
          take her to lunch.  They go outside through the side door of 
          the hospital and get coffee at the lunch wagon.  [Not the lunch 
          she had envisioned.  Here in TX we sometimes refer to a lunch 
          wagon as a roach coach.]  They talk about the phone call 
          that Lewis made to New York. 
Scene 4:  Carolyn gets on the Interstate Bus which has stopped in front 
          of the bank at the far end of the square from the fire station 
          and courthouse.  [The Interstate Bus Terminal has evolved into 
          the Peyton movie theater, but the writers never told us that.]  
          The bus pulls out.  Carolyn had come from the direction of the 
          hospital side door, on Glover Street.  Sometimes the bus stops 
          in front of the Pharmacy, sometimes in front of the bank 
          building, sometimes in front of the Town Hall, and once on the 
          wharf to drop off Jill Smith and baby Kelly.  
Scene 5:  Lewis Miles visits Tom Winter who is working on a boat by the 
          wharf.  They go b'low and talk.  Winter declines to help Lew. 
Scene 6:  Ada and Rita are playing cards.  The telephone rings.  Rita 
          asks Ada to get it.  Ada says, "You're not even talking to 
          Norman?"   Ada answers.  It is a wrong number.  Ada says, "You 
          got the wrong number, lady."  They continue to talk and play 
          cards.  Ada wins a hand.  Rita says, "I hate you."  Rita says, 
          "I don't really hate you." [This scene appears to have been a 
          space filler.] 
Scene 7:  Carolyn is buzzed into her father's apartment house, in Boston.  
          She goes to his apartment and is invited in.  He asks her how 
          she got there and that he's glad she came.  They talk about 
          Marsha and about Jeff Kramer.  Fred says that her mother loves 
          her very much.  Carolyn says that she and her mother have 
          nothing to talk about. 

          The phone rings.  Fred answers it.  Charlie, a business 
          associate, has called.  He wants to know about a couple of 
          estimates.  The River Road estimate.  Fred mentions Larry.  

          Carolyn goes into the bedroom and finds a girl, Donna Franklin.  
          Carolyn is obviously surprised and shocked.  Carolyn and Fred 
          fuss briefly, and Carolyn leaves.  This illuminates Carolyn, 
          who had always thought that her mother, Marsha, was the parent 
          at fault. 
Preview:  Rodney talks to Dr. Miles.  Marsha talks on the phone to Fred.  
          Norman talks to Betty. 
          RH:  Nobody wants to walk any more than I do.  Listen doctor, 
               I've been cooped up here for months.  I get to see Betty 
               an hour or so a day.
          MR:  What happened, Fred? 
          MR:  Were you entertaining a lady friend?
          MR:  And you were the one to have the merve to complain 
               about my relationship with Mike Rossi.
          NH:  If you're so anxious to break up your marriage, you can 
               count on me to help.  Just let me know.

Donna Franklin, Fred Russell's mistress.
Haverhill auction.
Mr. Ed, a rat, only mentioned.