Episode 484.
          Carolyn Russell returns from Boston by bus.

WA:       At this hour of the night, at this time of the winter, the bus 
          ride from Boston to Peyton Place takes slightly more than two 
          hours.  Time enough for Carolyn Russell to make a decision.  A 
          decision which will change the course of her life and touch the 
          lives of all those close to her.  The first person to be 
          informed of this decision to be given the chance to share her 
          determination is not her mother, Marsha.  It is a close friend 
          [Patricia Anne Cheney] of Carolyn's age, an absolutely critical 
          factor in Carolyn's point of view. 
Intro:    A Transcontinental Bus pulls into Peyton Place.  Carolyn 
          Russell gets off in front of the Pharmacy.  The bus station was 
          evidently sold to a theater chain and is no longer across the 
          street from the Pharmacy.  She walks across the snow covered 
          square and then to Patricia Anne Cheney's house. 
Scene 1:  Carolyn is let into Pat's house, takes off her coat and goes 
          into Pat's bedroom.  Carolyn talks about her father's girl 
          friend, Donna Franklin. 
Scene 2:  At the Russell house, Marsha turns off two lights as the phone 
          rings.  Fred has called to check on Carolyn.  Marsha was 
          unaware that Carolyn went to Boston.  They talk and argue.  
          Marsha is worried that they may both lose Carolyn. 
Scene 3:  At the hospital, Drs. Rossi and Miles go in to see Rodney.  
          Rodney says he is ready to go home.  Rossi is sarcastic about 
          Rodney taking over his own case.  Chuck suggests that he will 
          pick up Rodney at his house and bring him to the hospital.  
          Rossi is reluctant.  He consults with Miles.  Miles says we'll 
          give it a try. 
Scene 4:  At the motorcycle shop, Norman is drinking coffee as Betty is 
          getting ready to go home to greet Rodney.  She talks with 
          Norman.  She asks Norman if he resents her coming into money.  
          She mentioned that Norman came into 50,000 dollars which 
          financed the bike shop.  Betty thanks Norman for hanging the 
          portrait. [Episode 481]. 

Scene 5:  In her converted barn house, near the wharf, Betty talks with 
          Chuck Atwell about the provisions for Rodney when he comes 
          home.  They discuss the ramp, the bed, the kitchen, and the 

Scene 6:  In the diningroom of the mansion, Steven and Susan are 
          finishing their elegant meal.  They get up and smooch as the 
          front door chimes are heard.  Betty arrives and is announced by 
          maid Mary.  Betty She apologizes for interrupting.  She says 
          that she has come to ask for a favor.  She wants to buy the 
          Peyton house.  Steven says that the mansion is not for sale and 
          that Rodney hates it.  Betty takes note of the fact that Susan 
          has made herself at home. 
Preview:  Rita tells off Norman.  Marsha and Rossi fuss. 
          RH:  I'll go home with you when I have your promise you won't 
               interfere in your brother's marriage.  Nobody has a right 
               to come between two people who love each other. 
          MR:  I don't understand, I don't understand at all.
          MR:  You're asking me to choose between you and my daughter. 
               And that is an impossible choice.
Patricia Anne Cheney-Trish O'Herlihy, [see episode 504].