Episode 485.
          Marsha agrees to marry Dr. Rossi.

WA:       Today, Rodney Harrington comes home.  A personal victory, for a 
          young man who was paralyzed from the effects of a motorcycle 
          accident only a few months ago.  For days Rodney could not move 
          at all.  Then, slowly the sensation of feeling returned to his 
          arms and upper torso then his entire body.  Then the painful 
          return of his motor functions. With the help of Physical 
          therapist, Chuck Atwell, Rodney came back.  And now he walks 
          the short distance from car to house and cannot resist the 
          feeling of pride. 

Intro:    Chuck Atwell drives up in his red car and helps Rodney. 
Scene 1:  Outside the house, on the front step, Betty welcomes Rodney 
          home.  She almost kisses him.  He goes in the house.  Rodney 
          looks at the portrait of Betty.  She follows him and they kiss.  
          Betty tells him that she thought they should keep it in memory 
          of his grandfather.  Rodney says it looks nice.  Norman excuses 
          himself to go back to the bike shop.  Atwell complains about 
          the bed.  He told her to rent a hospital bed.  Betty says it 
          should be left up to Rodney.  Rodney says he thinks Chuck is 
          right.  Atwell then complains that the ramp wasn't installed 
          either.  Atwell says he'll pick Rodney up in the morning.  
          Atwell leaves.  Betty serves Rodney champagne. 
Scene 2:  On the street, Carolyn catches up to Lew and puts snow down his 
          neck.  They play.  Carolyn asks about New York. 
Scene 3:  The students are in the lab.  Dr. Miles comes in and talks.  
          Carolyn has a clip board labelled "Rodent Heights Gazette." 
Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi comes to call on Marsha at the Russell house.  She 
          had burned her hand so he doctors it.  They talk at length.  
          They agree to tie the knot. 
Scene 5:  Norman comes to call on Rita.  She is preparing shrimp.  He 
          tells her that he and Chuck Atwell took Rodney home.  Ada comes 
          in and ignites a quarrel. 

Scene 6:  Marsha is admiring herself in the mirror as Carolyn walks up.  
          Marsha tells her that she knew that Carolyn would come home 
          eventually.  Marsha tells her that Rossi and she will marry.  
          Carolyn says that she hopes they will be happy. 

Scene 7:  Rodney is in bed.  He asks Betty if she missed him.  They talk 
          and she goes upstairs.  Evidently his manhood is inoperable. 

Preview:  Alma talks to Dr. Harry Miles.  Susan Winter talks to Betty. 

          AM:  I'm worried about Lew. 
          HM:  I'm worried about Lew, too. 
          AM:  Harry, things are happening.  
          HM:  There's enough real things happening to make them up. 
          SW:  Let's put aside our middle class morality.  The point is 
               the Peyton house is not for sale.  There's no sense in 
               trying to persuade Steven because I intend to live there. 

Three section mirror in Marsha Russell's house.