Episode 486.
12-18-68  Pre-empted for the ROBE movie.
          Susan tells Betty that she plans to live in the Peyton house.

WA:       The long night of Rodney Harrington's homecoming is over.  And 
          Rodney's wife, Betty, must help him face the new day and his 
          new life.  A life which will need all the support she can give. 

Intro:    Outside Rodney and Betty's house. 
Scene 1:  Betty comes down to find Rodney reaming some orange juice.  He 
          has already made coffee.  She offers him some scrambled eggs.  
          She comes over to his wheel chair and hugs him.  They talk.  
          Chuck Atwell shows up at the front door.  Atwell comes in and 
          asks Rodney how he slept last night.  Chuck helps Rodney get 
          his coat on.  Betty doesn't want Rodney to leave without 
          eating.  Rodney wheels himself out and Betty hands Chuck the 
          crutches.  Chuck helps Rodney from the wheelchair into the 
          front seat of his red car.  Betty looks toward the car 
          wistfully.  Chuck burns rubber. 
Scene 2:  Rossi arrives at the Russell house bringing flowers.  He asks 
          if Carolyn is home.  He asked if Marsha talked to Carolyn about 
          Rossi and her mother. 
Scene 3:  At the Miles house, Alma is making last minute preparations for 
          the dinner party.  She had been to the beauty shop in White 
          River.  She is concerned how Marsha feels about Carolyn working 
          with Lew on that lab project. 
Scene 4:  Betty is in the Kitchen as Susan knocks.  Betty invites her in 
          and they talk.  Betty invites her to sit.  She asks what Susan 
          wants.  Susan says the Peyton house is not for sale.  Susan 
          intends to live there after she marries Steven.  Betty thought 
          that Susan had convinced Steven to sell the Peyton house.  
          Susan is playing for much higher stakes.  They have a verbal 
          cat fight.  Susan leaves. 
Scene 5:  Lew walks by the Pharmacy and is met by Sgt. William Wilson 
          Walker and Joanna.  Sgt. Walker tells him goodnight and leaves.  
          Lew and Joanna talk.  She asks him about New York. 
Scene 6:  The dinner party at the Miles ends.  Rossi and Marsha leave.  
          The Miles discuss the evening. 
Scene 7:  Outside, Rossi helps Marsha into his sporty red convertible.  
          Marsha regrets how much she continued to thank Alma. 

Scene 8:  Lew is walking outside the Miles house and goes in as Rossi and 
          Marsha drive off.  Lew goes in and takes off his jacket.  His 
          father greets him and they talk.  The phone rings and Dr. Miles 
          answers it.  The call is for Lew.  Lew talks with Vickie and 
          Dr. Miles listens in.  Dr. Miles prepares to go up to talk with 

Preview:  Carolyn talks with Jeff Kramer.  Lew Miles talks with his 

          CR:  You're the last person I thought would be jealous. 
          JK:  I'm not jealous, but I didn't expect you to go around 
               throwing it in my face.  I just want to know where we 
               are.  That all.  What gives?
          LM:  I'm almost 18 and I feel I have a right to take care of 
               my own problems. 
          HM:  You're mixed up in something too.  And I want to know 
               what it is, and I want to know now.
          AM:  Harry.