Episode 487.
WA:       Tonight, Dr. Harry Miles is a bitter, angry man.  A strange and 
          disturbing phone call from a girl in New York has convinced him 
          that his son, Lew, has been lying to him, that Lew is in 
          serious trouble.  And that all of Lew's denials have been 

Intro:    The livingroom of chez Miles. 
Scene 1:  Dr. and Alma Miles talk about Lew.  Lew comes in and is 
          interrogated by his father.  Lew goes outside and makes a call 
          from a pay phone. 
Scene 2:  Eli is playing checkers by himself and fixing hot chocolate, as 
          Rita knocks on his door.  He invites her in.  He tells her that 
          Mrs. Hewitt has made some oatmeal cookies.  She asks who Eli is 
          playing.  Eli says he is playing Winston Churchill.  Norman 
          knocks and comes in.  Eli says he has to go thank Mrs. Hewitt 
          for the cookies.  The checkerboard is turned the wrong way. 

          Rita refuses to go home with Norman until he promises not to 
          interfere with Rodney and Betty's marriage.  He exits.  Eli is 
          hiding outside the door and bids Norman goodnight. 
Scene 3:  Raucous music at the Shoreline.  Jeff goes over to talk with 
          Carolyn who is with Dennis.  Jeff and Carolyn talk in a quiet 
          area.  Carolyn explains that she is not going out with Dennis.  
          She just has a date tonight. 
Scene 4:  Betty and Rodney are sitting on the sofa.  Rodney is relaxing 
          and they are talking.  Rodney talks about his grandfather.  
          Rodney gets up and walks to his bed.  Betty kisses Rodney. 

Scene 5:  Dr. Miles comes into the Cider Barrel and finds Sgt. William 
          Wilson Walker there.  Charlie is serving.  A sign says "No 
          checks cashed."  Dr. Miles orders coffee.  He asks the police 
          sergeant if he can join him.  Miles says that Rodney is making 
          a speedy recovery.  Sgt. Walker complains to Dr. Miles about 
          the way that Lew is treating his daughter, Joanna. 

Preview:  Steven and Rossi talk.  Rodney and Atwell talk.  Fred Russell 
          talks to Marsha. 
          MR:  In connection with Martin Peyton's estate, I shouldn't 
               discuss it with you, or with anyone. 
          SC:  Well, you'll discuss it with me, if you find out something 
               happened to the bequest you were counting on. 
          CA:  Rod, you're not ready yet.
          RH:  Stay away from me, Atwell, stay away. 
          FR:  All I wanted was for you to miss me, to want me back as 
               much as I wanted to come back. 
Dennis-Robert Dunlap