Episode 488.
          Maggie Riggs arrives in town.

WA:       Steven Cord has been on a long drive.  A drive to Boston and 
          back, and a thought is forming in his mind.  Something's wrong 
          in Boston.  Something involving his late grandfather, Martin 
          Peyton.  Something that will affect him deeply. and overwhelm 
          countless people in the town.  Its only a thought, the barest 
          beginning of a concept.  But as Steven heads to his office he 
          is convinced he is onto something.  Something big. 
Intro:    Steven drives by the square.  He parks and goes into his 
Scene 1:  Steven comes into his office and greets Mrs. Nolan.  Betty is 
          in his inner office, waiting.  She offers him a lot of money 
          for the Peyton mansion.  Steven tells her the house is not for 
          sale.  Banker Charlie Tomlinson advanced her the money, based 
          on her inheritance.  Steven accuses her of trying to make a 
Scene 2:  Mrs. Maggie Riggs is holding an apple in her hand in the 
          General Store.  Rita is running the General Store while Eli is 
          out of town.  She tells Rita to tell him she might be willing 
          to take the whole bunch if the price is right.   Norman comes 
          in and proceeds to put on Mrs. Riggs.  She tells Norman off and 
          warns Rita about his kind.  She pays Rita $7.98 and leaves.  
          Norman and Rita laugh. 
Scene 3:  Rodney is exercising and therapist Chuck Atwell is helping.   
          Rodney tries to walk.  Atwell forces him back into the wheel 
          chair.  Atwell leaves.  Dr. Rossi comes in and cautions 
          Rodney.  Atwell returns and pushes the wheelchair out. 
Scene 4:  Steven comes into Dr. Rossi's office and they talk about the 
          Peyton estate and the bequest to the hospital.  Rossi tells him 
          that Rodney walked today.  There was a bequest in the will for 
          the hospital. 
Scene 5:  Fred Russell talks with Marsha at the Colonial Post Inn.  He 
          asks if Carolyn is all right.  They talk at length and Fred 
          gets up and leaves.  Marsha tells Fred she plans to marry 

Preview:  Rodney yells at Susan.  Vickie Fletcher threatens Lewis.  She 
          wants to marry him. 
          RH:  Why are you telling me all this?  What do you want?
          SW:  I want Steven for myself.  Keep your wife at home.
          RH:  Get out of here.
          VF:  You're marrying me.  
          LM:  Are you going crazy?
          VF:  Yeah, you marrying me.  That's right baby.  Or I go 
               straight back to to New York and blow the whistle on 
               you.  And I mean it.
Miss Nolan-Penelope Gillette.
Maggie Riggs-Florida Friebus.