Episode 489.
          Norman and Rita plot to find a man for Maggie Riggs. 

WA:       A Transcontinental Bus arrives in Peyton Place today.  And a 
          young passenger, Vickie Fletcher, suddenly realizes she has 
          found the way out of the intense pressure of a life that has 
          cornered her and hurt her.  Her way out is the small town 
          itself and a specific human being, the son of a prominent local 
          doctor, Lew Miles.  At this moment Vickie Fletcher knows she 
          has made the right decision.  This town and Lew Miles are right 
          for her. 
Intro:    A bus pulls into Peyton Place and stops in front of the bank.  
          [The bus station across from the Pharmacy east has apparently 
          been converted into a movie house.]  Vickie Fletcher gets off, 
          asks directions of a nurse in front of the Colonial Post Inn.  
          She heads west toward the courthouse for the wharf and the 
          Cider Barrel. 
Scene 1:  At the Cider Barrel, Vickie asks Charlie about Lewis, and when 
          he will be back. 
Scene 2:  In the Peyton mansion, Steven comes in and starts up the 
          stairs.  Susan goes over and sits on the stairs with him.  
          Steven asks Susan how well she knows him.  Steven says that 
          they need each other.  
Scene 3:  At the hospital, Rodney is exercising.  The nurses congratulate 
          him on his progress, now that he is walking.  Susan asks Rodney 
          to have Betty stay away from Steven. 
Scene 4:  Norman wheels out his blue motorcycle.  Maggie Riggs comes over 
          and complains about the brakes on her bicycle.  She wants to 
          know how much it will cost to fix her brakes.  Norman tells her 
          she should go to the bicycle shop, down the street by Bill's 
          Barber Shop.  Maggie offers three medium size homemade 
          blueberry pies for the brake job.  [She is trying to scam the 
          government by bartering like Ruth-Anne Miller does in Cicely, 
          Alaska in the series Northern Exposure]. 
Scene 5:  Inside the motorcycle shop, Rita and Norman talk, and plot to 
          obtain for Maggie, a boy friend. 

Scene 6:  Marsha comes in to see Dr. Rossi, in his office.  Marsha 
          massages Rossi's shoulders.  She suggests they take a drive, 20 
          miles to Owen's ridge, for an elopement. 
Scene 7:  At the Cider Barrel, Lewis is surprised to see Vickie waiting 
          at a table for him.  Lewis asks to use the back room for a 
          minute.  He and Vickie go back there and talk.  Lewis asks if 
          they picked up Larry Burrows.  Police Sgt. William Wilson 
          Walker comes in as Lewis and Vickie are leaving.  They speak. 
Preview:  Lewis asks his mother if Vickie can stay there at the Miles' 
          house in Cliff's room.  Betty complains to Rodney. 
          LM:  Mama, I was wondering maybe Vickie could stay here.  
          AM:  Mrs. Miles I think there is something you should know. 
          LM:  Vickie. 
          BA:  We are entitled to it.  And we cannot just give in 
               bacause a vicious man twisted and turned and fouled up 
               the whole thing.  I am going to fight him. 
Bill's Barber shop.
Bike shop.
Old Mr. Benton at the Inn.
Weatherby, the mortician.
Larry Burrows-probably no kin to Mr. and Mrs. Burrows, Rachel's neighbors 
  in Hastings Valley.  [The actual spelling of Burrows remains in doubt.] 

Animal man, vegetarian, Homer Hoke. 
Owen's Ridge, 20 miles away, across the state line.
Maggie Riggs-Florida Friebus