Episode 490.
          Maggie Riggs wins $500 in a baking contest.

WA:       Under the direction of physical therapist, Chuck Atwell, Rodney 
          Harrington has been making considerable progress toward the 
          full use of his legs.  Gradually the motor functions have 
          returned.  Gradually the muscles have responded.  Now there is 
          no doubt in Rodney's mind and he faces the future with 

Intro:    Chuck Atwell helps Rodney out of his red Dodge.  He is using 
          two crutches.  Chuck opens the front door. 
Scene 1:  Betty greets Rodney.  Rodney goes in the house.  Steven Cord 
          and Betty are waiting for him.  Betty says, "I offered more 
          than twice the market value for the Peyton house.  The land is 
          worth much more than the house.  It can only go up in value."  
          Steven says that Betty made him the irrestible proposition. 
          Steven leaves.  Rodney says, "You bought him off, didn't you?" 
Scene 2:  Postman Roy Slater brings Maggie Riggs a letter.  She won $500 
          in a baking contest.  [Same postman as delivered Steven and 
          Betty's divorce papers]. 
Scene 3:  Rita is getting her mail as Maggie comes over to show them her 
          check.  Rita decides to take Maggie shopping.  
Scene 4:  Eli is stoking the stove as Norman comes in.  Norman mentions 
          that his boots are dry.  Eli sells him some saddle-soap.  He 
          asks if Eli has been to the pond to go skating, yet.  Eli asks 
          to be paid.  Norman pays him.  Norman asks Eli how to apply the 
          saddle-soap.  Eli says to put it directly on the boots.  Norman 
          reminds Eli that he is invited to dinner the next evening.  Eli 
          says, "Us Carsons never forget."  Eli considers dinner 
          invitations to be "special occasions."  And that he goes into 
          training for them. 
Scene 5:  In the school lab, Lewis arrives late and is berated by his lab 
Scene 6:  Lewis takes Vickie home and asks his mother if Vickie can stay 
          there and use Cliff's room.  [Let's hope that she doesn't look 
          at Cliff's Notes.] 
Scene 7:  Steven gets out of his car and goes to the house where Betty is 
          living.  Steven says that banker, Charlie Tomlinson, told him 
          that he should return the check.  It has no value.  Steven 
          leaves.  Rodney has a relapse, caused by stress from his wife, 
Preview:  Norman talks with Betty.  Harry Miles talks to Lewis. 
          NH:  All he needed to put him in the hospital was you.
          BH:  I've had a terrible day.  Would you please leave.
          NH:  It didn't take you long, did it?  Just a couple of days 
               and he's right back in the hospital. 
          BH:  GET OUT.

          HM:  You don't love that girl.  A man that's in love shouts it 
               out, Lew.  He doesn't keep it inside.  He yells it to the 
               whole town.
Maggie Riggs-Florida Friebus.
Joanna Walker-Jeanne Buckley.
Vickie Fletcher-Judy Pace.
Cliff Miles, soldier in Vietnam-only mentioned.
Roy Slater, postman-uncredited.