Episode 491.
          Rodney has a relapse.
WA:       Rodney Harrington is being rushed to Doctors Hospital, victim 
          of sudden paralysis.  Months ago he was thrown from a 
          motorcycle.  Today, there was no motorcycle.  He was at home 
          with his wife, Betty. 

Intro:    Snow covered square.  Classic Volkswagen.  Ambulance siren. 
Scene 1:  Dr. Miles is giving orders and asking Rodney what happened.  
          Rossi answers the phone and talks with Dr. Miles about Rodney's 
          condition.  Dr. Rossi and Betty go out into the corridor and 
Scene 2:  At the Les Femmes botique, Rita helps Maggie Riggs shop 
          for clothes.  They leave the botique and head for the beauty 
Scene 3:  Dr. Miles drives up to his home and goes in.  He talks with his 
          wife, Alma.  Then he talks to his son and to his son's girl 
          friend, Vickie. 
Scene 4:  Steven and Susan are playing chess.  Susan is playing black, as 
          the phone rings.  Phil James starts to talk to Steven.  To 
          terminate the call, Susan puts her finger on the phone hook 
          (button).  Steven calls Mary, the maid, and tells her to pack 
          his suitcase.  He is going to Boston.  Neither have played the 
          game long because the chessboard is turned 90 degrees from 
Scene 5:  Betty walks back to her house from Doctors Hospital and is 
          surprised to encounter Norman.  They go in and talk.  Norman 
          really tells her off.  She tells Norman that Rodney has had a 
Preview:  Dr. Miles lays down the law to Vickie.  Betty fusses at Steven.  
          Fred talks with Carolyn. 
          HM:  We're going to fight you and there's no way you can win. 
          VF:  I'm marrying Lew.  I'm marrying Lew no matter what.   And 
               you can do what you want. 
          BA:  How could you talk your grandfather into writing a new 
               will.  I am going to fight you Steven.
          FR:  I never should have let your mother divorce me.  I need to 
               be with her.  I need to be with you.  Both of you.  I need 
               to have my family back. 

Phil James.      
Mrs. Linden, Les Femmes clerk-Virginia Vincent.
Vickie Fletcher-Judy Pace.
The only chess game actually in progress in the entire series in scene 4.