Episode 492.
          Norman and Rita play matchmakers. 

WA:       For some time now, Steven Cord has been disturbed by the scent 
          of ruin and decay in the financial empire of his late 
          grandfather, Martin Peyton.  But the scent has been difficult 
          to trace.  Today, Steven knows he is on to something specific.  
          And he makes a hurried trip to Boston to invade the heart of 
          the Peyton world.  A conference room in the law offices of 
          Wainright and Kennerly. 
Intro:    Steven walks up several steps and into a tall office building 
          in Boston. 

Scene 1:  In the law offices of Wainwright and Kennerly, in Boston, 
          attorney John Wainright talks with Steven.  Wainwright says, 
          "You're entitled to nothing."  Betty is also admitted by the 
          receptionist.  Steven asks to see the will.  John says no.  
          Steven says, "John, isn't this the time for cooperation?"  John 
          says, "Everything is left to the Peyton Foundation."  John 
          abruptly asks Steven and Betty to leave.  
Scene 2:  Waiting for the elevator, outside the law office, Betty 
          Anderson Harrington talks with Steven Cord.  They vow to fight 
          the will.  
Scene 3:  In the therapy room of Doctors Hospital, Dr. Rossi talks to 
          Rodney.  Chuck Atwell joins them. 
Scene 4:  At the Shoreline Cafe teen hangout, the kids are dancing.  
          Above the din, Fred tries to talk with Carolyn.  He has come 
          back from Boston.  He asks Carolyn to come to Boston and live 
          with him. 

Scene 5:  Rita and Norman have Eli and Maggie to dinner.  It doesn't seem 
          to be going too well.  After they leave Norman and Rita promise 
          each other not to attempt match-making again. 
Scene 6:  Dr. Miles comes home.  He greets Alma.  He says he saw the 
          tests and that Vickie Fletcher is definately pregnant.  Alma 
          tells Vickie they are sorry that she and Lewis are so young.  
          She wishes things were different.  Vickie goes upstairs.  Dr. 
          Miles talks with his wife.  Alma says that Vickie is only 17.  
          They go upstairs and continue to talk. 

Preview:  Carolyn talks with her mother.  Betty talks to Rossi.  Lewis 
          talks to his father. 

          CR:  He wants to come back to you.  He is still in love with 
               you.  You know that don't you?
          BA:  You feel by not telling him what's going on, I can 
               convince him, I love him.  No, doctor, we disagree on 
          LM:  There's a baby coming into this world.  Things are 
               tough enough as they are for a black baby.  I'm not 
               going to make it any tougher on one that could be 

Fred Russell-Joe Maross.
Vickie Fletcher-Judy Pace.
Eli Luther Carson-Frank Ferguson.
Maggie Riggs-Florida Friebus. [Bob Newhart show, Many Loves of Dobie 
Chuck Atwell-Mario Alcalde.
Jeff Kramer-John Findlater.
John Wainwright-Roy Roberts (Roy Roberts was Betty's date in NYC) 
John Wainwright, 70-ish father of William Robert Wainwright 50-ish.