Episode 493.
          Eli gets an invitation from Maggie. 
WA:       A cold New England day, and Betty Harrington feels the cold 
          cutting into her.  Today, Betty rushes to visit her husband, 
          Rodney, once a patient at Doctors Hospital.  He is unaware of 
          the fact that Betty made a short trip to Boston, to confront 
          John Wainwright, the attorney for the late Martin Peyton, and 
          demand an accounting of the estate, which has been denied 
          Rodney and herself with the disclosure of a new will.  Betty, 
          once the principle beneficiary of the vast Peyton fortune, is 
          now the beneficiary of nothing. 
Intro:    Betty wearing a gray coat, gloves, and carrying a black purse, 
          walks past the Pharmacy and across the square to the side 
          entrance of Doctors Hospital. 
Scene 1:  Betty walks by the Information Desk and is greeted by Dr. 
          Rossi.  Rossi asks her not to upset Rodney by telling him about 
          her trip to Boston to see [old ancient] attorney John 
          Wainwright.  Rossi tells Betty that Dr. Dave Wilkinson is 
          concerned about Rodney and that his marriage may be the cause 
          for his relapse.  Betty leaves and heads toward Rodney's room.  
Scene 2:  Betty walks over to Rodney's bed.  His eyes are closed but he 
          senses her presence.  Rodney tells Betty that he misses her.  
          They talk.  She hugs Rodney. 
Scene 3:  In the Marsha and Carolyn Russell house (the Mackenzie-Carson 
          house), the phone rings and Carolyn answers.  From a pay Phone 
          in Boston, Fred Russell says, "Is that you, Toad?"  [The 
          writers use the term Toad as a term of endearment.]  
          They talk about Carolyn moving in with Fred in Boston.  After 
          they complete the call, Marsha comes in and talks for a while 
          with Carolyn.  Dr. Rossi shows up at the front door and rings 
          the chimes.  He asks to use the phone to call the hospital. 
          [remember, this was before cellular telephones.]  Rossi asks 
          Carolyn if she would like to go look at some antiques with him.  
          Rossi continues placing his phone call.  He tells nurse Choate 
          that he'll be in to the hospital in a half hour.  Carolyn 
          leaves.  Marsha tells Rossi that his overtures toward Carolyn 
          come across as very transparent.  They talk.  They hug and 
          kiss.  Rossi leaves for the hospital. 
Scene 4:  In his General Store, Eli is making a sale to  Mrs. Alma Miles.  
          Eli doesn't really care, but he inquires about her son in 
          Viet-Nam. [this seriously dates the series].  She picks up her 
          purchase, pays, and leaves.  In the meanwhile, Mrs. Riggs has 
          been looking around the store.  She announces that she wants to 
          make an offer for all his apples.  They have a weird and 
          complex discussion about apples.  He talks about the 
          statistical relationship of Prohibition to New England 
          axe-murders.  She offers 30 cents on the dollar for the apples.  
          Then 35 cents.  They agree on the price and she leaves. 
Scene 5:  Eli telephones Rita Harrington.  He tells her about his sale of 
          his apples.  He spends some time Educating Rita.  When they end 
          the phone call, she tells Norman all about it. 
Scene 6:  Dr. Miles talks to Lewis about the Vickie Fletcher problem. 
Preview:  Joanna talks to Lew.  Betty talks to Tom.  Norman talks to 
          JW:  She followed you here.  She's all hung up on you, I can 
               Tell.  You're not in love with her. 
          BA:  I don't like seeing my husband the way he is.  I want him 
               home.  I want children. 

          NH:  She's playing you against Steven.  That's the game she's 
               been playing when she was married to Steven.  And that's 
               the game she's playing with you even now that she's 
               married to you. 
          RH:  Get out of here.

Toad, Carolyn Russell-Elizabeth Tippy Walker.
Alma Miles-Ruby Dee. 
Opening Credits: 
Ed Nelson as             Michael Rossi 
Ryan O'Neal as           Rodney Harrington 
Barbara Parkins as       Betty Anderson 
Christopher Connelly as  Norman Harrington 
Patrica Morrow as        Rita Harrington 
James Douglas as         Steven Cord 
Elizabeth Walker as      Carolyn Russell 
Barbara Rush as          Marsha Russell 

Closing Credits: 
Glynn Turman as          Lew Miles 
Frank Ferguson as        Eli Carson
Florida Friebus as       Maggie Riggs 
Joe Maross as            Fred Russell