Episode 494.
WA:       For hours now, Betty Harrington has walked the country roads 
          around Peyton Place, trying to cope with the fact that her 
          young husband once again lies in Doctors Hospital, a victim of 
          paralysis.  This time there was no motorcycle accident, no 
          accidental fall, no secondary injury to aggravate an old wound.  
          There was only the two of them, husband and wife. 
Intro:    Betty walks on the wharf toward the pier. 
Scene 1:  Tom Winter asks Betty what she is doing on the wharf.  He asks 
          about Rodney.  He asks if she would like to go inside for some 
          fresh coffee.  They goes b'low and talk at length.  Betty says
          that she wants children.
Scene 2:  Norman walks by the Information Desk in Doctors Hospital and 
          speaks with therapist Chuck Atwell.  He tells Norman to knock 
          first before going in.  Dr. Miles is paged on the hospital 
          public address system. 
Scene 3:  Norman goes in to see Rodney.  Norman tells Rodney that he sold 
          two motorcycles to the Grover twins.  The bike shop in White 
          River is looking for a buyer.  Rodney says he can't move, 
          because he is scared.  It is psychological. 
Scene 4:  In the apartment, Rita is drinking coffee and reading the 
          newspaper.  Norman pours himself some coffee.  Norman talks 
          with Rita.  Rita holds the coffee cup by the ear.  Norman 
Scene 5:  In the Russell house, Dr. Rossi talks with Marsha.  He shows 
          her some books on survival.  Rossi says they are going to start 
          off their marriage with a return to nature.  He wants to camp 
          out in the back woods, using a sleeping bag.  [Apparently he 
          expects to find another "Rachel"]. 
Scene 6:  Jeff is walking along the street with Carolyn.  They talk at 
          length about the difficulties of being a teen.  In the series 
          Carolyn has four significant others:  Dr. Rossi, Jeff Kramer, 
          Joe Rossi, and Lewis Miles. 
Scene 7:  In the Cider Barrel, Lew is serving several customers and 
          Charlie is ringing up the money.  Lew and Joanna talk.  Vickie 
          Fletcher comes in and is introduced to Joanna.  She joins them 
          for a while and then goes back outside. 
Scene 8:  Norman goes back to Doctors Hospital to visit Rodney.  Norman 
          tells Rodney that Betty is the problem.  Norman and Rodney talk 
          noisily.  Rodney calls for the nurse.  A nurse comes to the 
          door and she tells Norman he will have to leave. 
Preview:  Dr. Miles asks police Sgt. William Wilson Walker for some 
          police information.  Rodney tells Betty they should separate. 
          HM:  I understand you were a policeman in New York before you 
               came here. 
          WW:  What is it you want, doctor?
          HM:  Sergeant, I need information, police information. 
          RH:  Betty, I want us to separate.
          BA:  I'm your wife.  Why can't we work it out together.
          RH:  It has to be this way.
Closing credits:

Robert Hogan as Tom Winter.
Glynn Turman as Lewis "Lew" Miles.
Jeanne Buckley as Joanna Walker.
John Findlater as Jeff Kramer.
Judy Pace as Vickie Fletcher.
Mario Alcalde as Chuck Atwell.
Frank London as Charlie.