Episode 495.

          Eli visits Maggie to sample the cider.

WA:       A few minutes ago, the phone rang in the home of Rodney and 
          Betty Harrington.  The courteous and formal voice of a hospital 
          nurse stated simply, that Rodney wanted to see his wife, 
          immediately.  Now, Betty, answers the summons, not knowing what 
          it means.  But knowing that Rodney has searched for and found, 
          a reason for his hospitalization.  A reason that had nothing to 
          do with her, and therefore nothing to do with the truth. 
Intro:    Betty Harrington walking in the snow to Doctors Hospital. 
Scene 1:  In Rodney's hospital room, he tells Betty that he saw the 
          psychiatrist, Dr. Dave Wilkinson, today.  Rodney tells her that 
          Norman came by to see him.  Betty tells him that it is 
          important to cooperate with the psychiatrist.  Rodney is afraid 
          to lose Betty. 
Scene 2:  Dr. Miles walks from his house to police Sgt. William Wilson 
          Walker's house to talk about Lewis.  Joanna answers the door 
          and calls to her father.  He comes out wearing his long johns 
          and holding a beer.  Walker offers a drink to Dr. Miles, but 
          says all he has is beer.  Joanna brings her father a shirt and 
          a pair of shoes.  Evidently there is no Mrs. Walker.  Dr. Miles 
          says he needs some information, police information. 
Scene 3:  Michael Rossi calls on the Russell's.  He has come to take 
          Carolyn to look at antiques.  Rossi had planned to go to summit 
          point for a cookout.  Rossi brought Marsha a bible box.  He 
          goes on to explain that it is a box used to put bibles in.  
          Rossi wants them to hurry.  Rossi goes out for a moment and 
          then comes back in.  He has a scowl on his face.  He decides 
          they must have their picnic inside.  Rossi starts to light a 
Scene 4:  Rita comes in the Harrington Brothers Motorcycle Shop and 
          Norman tells her they're closed.  Rita wants him to sit down 
          and have some lunch.  Rita looks out the window and notices Eli 
          Carson walking over toward Mrs. Riggs house.  Norman states 
          that women always do the chasing. 
Scene 5:  Eli knocks on Maggie Riggs' door.  He says he came to sample 
          the cider.  She says that cider has to turn.  Eli says that he 
          thought she might have some left over from last season.  She 
          shows him around  pointing out the rooms and their contents.  
          She takes his coat and hat.  She complains about the color of 
          his tie.  She points him to the cider.  He comes back with her 
          ice skates.  Eli make a date to go ice-skating. 
Scene 6:  Chuck Atwell brings a box game to Rodney.  It is called 
          "Gridiron Tactics."  Rodney tells Atwell he is frustrating him.  
          Rodney knocks the game off the table.  He moved.  Both he and 
          Chuck Atwell are amazed that he moved. 
Preview:  Susan talks to Steven.  Lew talks to Joanna.  Betty talks with 
          SW:  You're trying to find a way to get involved with Betty. 
          SC:  It's a stand off.  
          SW:  For a while.
          LM:  Go pull that on a social worker.  Now my father knows 
               something.  And I've got to know just what it is he knows. 
          BA:  I was married to a man who showed me the fine art of hitting 
          MR:  Who you going to hit?  Me?  Rod?

Dr. Dave Wilkinson-Ben Hammer.
Maggie Riggs-Florida Friebus [Bob Newhart, Dobie Gillis shows].
Chuck Atwell-Mario Alcalde.