Episode 496.
          Betty moves out of the barn-house.

WA:       Late last night Dr. Michael Rossi phoned Betty Harrington and 
          informed her that her husband had broken his paralysis, and was 
          moving his arms and legs once again.  Betty rushed to see 
          Rodney, to give him her love.  Then she returned home to pack a 
          suitcase so that Rodney will get the separation he wants.   
          This morning, Betty deliberately avoids a visit to her 
          husband's hospital room, knowing that Rodney is experiencing 
          the pleasure of moving normally once again. 
Intro:    Betty walking in the corridor at the hospital. 
Scene 1:  In Rodney Harrington's hospital room, Dr. Dave Wilkinson, the 
          psychiatrist, Chuck Atwell, the therapist, Dr. Rossi, chief-of-
          staff at Doctors Hospital, and Rodney himself are discussing 
          Rodney's progress.  Rodney says that he feels like the guy who 
          robbed a bank and got a second chance.  The psychiatrist says 
          a few words of encouragement to Rodney and departs.  Dr. Miles 
          joins them to congratulate Rodney.  Rossi goes out in the 
          corridor and sees Betty Harrington. 
Scene 2:  Betty asks Rossi if she can talk with him.  They go in Rossi's 
          office and Betty tells him that she has moved out of the house.  
          She says that she has done what Rossi suggested and what Rodney 
          has asked.  She has made it possible for Rodney to work this 
          out on his own. 
Scene 3:  In Vickie's bedroom at the Miles' house, Alma talks with the 
          expectant mother.  She mentions that Cliff was born a year 
          after the Miles were married.  He is now in Viet-Nam. 

Scene 4:  In his house, Dr. Miles tells Alma that he is going to New York 
          City to try to find out what's going on concerning his son, Lewis. 
Scene 5:  At the Colonial Post Inn, Steven Cord joins Susan Winter, who 
          is sitting by two other patrons at the bar.  Steven asks why 
          she has two drinks before lunch and two drinks after lunch.  He 
          tells Susan about the Peyton will.  Presently, Betty comes in 
          and Steven allows Susan to depart.  Steven now talks with Betty 
          about Martin Peyton's will.  He says they have a case if Betty 
          decides to fight it.  Steven asks the desk clerk if he has a 
          reservation.  Steven says that he had called ahead for one. 
Scene 6:  In the storeroom of the Harrington Brothers Motorcycle shop, 
          Lewis Miles talks with Joanna Walker.  He is watching the shop 
          for Norman until he gets back.  Lewis also works at the Cider 
          Barrel.  Carolyn joins them.  Joanna asked why Dr. Miles came 
          over to see her father.  Joanna leaves.  Lewis talks to Carolyn  
          for a while and then consider going to the lab.  He decides, 
          however, to go talk with his father. 
Scene 7:  Lewis Miles comes home and his mother, Alma, tells him that his 
          father is going to be away for a couple of days.  He is going 
          to New York.  The doctor leaves.  Lewis goes upstairs to talk 
          with Vickie Fletcher. 
Preview:  Susan talks to Betty about Steven.  Lew asks Joanna what his father 
          said to her father.  Carolyn talks to her father, Fred Russell. 
          SW:  If Steven can help you get back that beautiful inheritance, 
               why fight it. 
          BA:  Excuse me, please.
          SW:  I'd think about it.

          LM:  I have to know what was said between your father and mine.  
               It's important.

          CR:  I will not do anything to change the way she feels about 
               Dr. Rossi.

Vickie Fletcher-Judy Pace
Joanna Walker-Jeanne Buckley.
Susan Winter-Diana Hyland.      
Dr. Dave Wilkinson, psychiatrist-Ben Hammer.