Episode 497. 
          Rossi takes Carolyn to the lobster market on the wharf.

WA:       Tonight, Lew Miles is fighting the clock.  In a very short time 
          his father, Dr. Harry Miles, will fly to New York City, 
          suspicious of Lew's activities there months ago, convinced  
          that Lew is in serious trouble as a result.  Now, Lew must make 
          a decision, whether to rush to the airport and stop his father 
          and tell him the whole story, regardless of the implications, 
          or let him go, hoping and praying that he uncovers nothing. 

Intro:    Lewis Miles walks In the snow over to the Walker house. 
Scene 1:  Lew rings the chime and police Sgt. William Wilson Walker opens 
          the door and invites him in.  He asks to see Joanna and 
          compliments Walker on his new TV set.  He says it has a good 
          picture.  Sgt. Walker tells Lewis that he has had it four 
          months, and that Lewis hasn't been over for a while.  Lewis 
          then talks with Joanna Walker.  She presses him for what 
          happened in New York.  Lew leaves. 
Scene 2:  From a pay phone booth on the wharf, Lew calls the airport and 
          asks the operator to page his father on flight 21.  He 
          apparently intends to fess up.  He is too late.  The plane has 
          already left. 
Scene 3:  Eli drives up in a white over blue car, stops, and gets out.  
          He goes around to the other side and helps Mrs. Riggs out.  
          From the skates they are carrying, it is inferred that they 
          have been skating on The Pond.  There was no actual 
          scene of their skating.  They agree to call each other by their 
          first names.  [As our readers probably remember, The 
          Pond had a lot of meaning in Betty Anderson's life.  This 
          is where Betty acquired Rodney's spermatozoan.] 
Scene 4:  Eli and Maggie drive up in front of the General Store go 
          inside.  They chat about the kids skating on the Pond and that 
          she took a minor spill.  Tom Winter comes in the store to get 
          some supplies.  Maggie remembers where she had seen Tom Winter.  
          Eli tries to stop Maggie from talking about the church.  She 
          then start talking about her late husband.  Tom's bill comes to 
          $1.94.  He charges it.  She continues to ramble on.  Tom Winter 
          leaves and Maggie Riggs rambles on.  Coffee.  2 pounds of 
          sugar.  A few cans of pork and beans. [Although Martin Peyton 
          is obviously a very religious man, it appears that Peyton Place 
          does not pay their clergy very well.] 
Scene 5:  At the Peyton Place high school, the children are moving from 
          class to class, in the narrow halls.  Jeff Kramer talks with 
          Carolyn. [At this point in time, major infractions were talking 
          in class, chewing gum, and expectorating on the floor]. 
Scene 6:  Chuck Atwell drives Rodney home to his and Betty's house near 
          the Shoreline garage and helps him in the house.  Atwell helps 
          Rodney remove his coat.  They chat briefly and Atwell leaves. 

Scene 7:  At the Colonial Post Inn, Betty is sitting at a side table, 
          drinking coffee and reading a copy of the Peyton Place Clarion.  
          Susan comes into the restaurant to eat.  Susan asks Betty if 
          she would like to have a drink.  Betty declines.  Susan annoys 
          Betty with her talk.  Betty receives her check.  Betty asks 
          Susan about Steven.  Betty leaves.  The waitress comes over and 
          Susan asks her for a little more vodka in her tomato juice.  
          [Our spiritual authority assures us that the correct way to 
          order is as follows:  "I'd like a tomato juice and vodka.  Easy 
          on the tomato juice."] 

Scene 8:  Dr. Rossi takes his prospective step-daughter, Carolyn Russell, 
          to Charlie's Lobster and seafood market.  Tommy Magnuson asks 
          them if they have made up their minds about the lobsters.  He 
          assures them that the lobsters will be ready when they return 
          from the Cider Barrel. 
Scene 9:  In the Cider Barrel, Fred Russell is waiting for Carolyn.  
          Rossi goes back to Tommy Magnuson's Lobster Market.  Fred has a 
          lengthy talk with his daughter. 

Preview:  Rodney talks with Betty as Chuck Atwell comes over.  Betty says 
          that she can not live this way.  Fred asks Jeff if Carolyn is 
          seeing Lew. 
          RH:  Don't press me.  This is hard enough.
          CA:  Mrs. Harrington, we've got to be going.
          RH:  Nobody said this was going to be easy.
          BA:  I know that, but I can not live this way.
          FR:  What are you trying to tell me?  That my daughter and 
               Lew Miles are seeing one other.  Is that it? 
          JK:  That's it.
Tommy Magnuson, lobsterologist-Charles Thompson.
Joanna Walker-Jeanne Buckley.