Episode 498. 
          Fred Russell drops in on Marsha.
WA:       Once again, Betty Harrington has spent the hours since sunrise, 
          walking the streets of this small New England town.  Walking.  
          Thinking.  Trying to cope with her separation from her husband 
          Rodney.  A separation that Rodney wanted, but she resisted, 
          that he demanded. 

Intro:    Betty Harrington walking toward Doctors Hospital. 
Scene 1:  Betty walks over to Rodney and tells him that she wants to 
          talk.  Chuck Atwell tells Betty that the exercises should not 
          be interrupted.  He leaves.  Rodney speaks well of Chuck 
          Atwell.  Betty offers to come over for lunch. 
Scene 2:  In the Cider Barrel Cafe, Vickie comes in to talk with Lewis.  
          Lewis tells her of his intentions. 
Scene 3:  At Ada Jacks' Tavern, Eli is eating as Maggie Riggs bursts in.  
          She is annoyed that Eli has been telling people that he and 
          Maggie are going to spend the weekend at Horse Head Lake.  She 
          continues to ramble.  She gives him one minute.  Charlie Devon 
          owns a horse and cabin on Ridgewell Lake.  He explains.  Eli 
          says its not his fault that Charlie Devon talks a lot.  Maggie 
          continues to ramble on.  Maggie is not ready to be taken for 
          granted.  She says that she can't stand small town gossip. 
Scene 4:  Ada comes over and smiles.  She asks if Maggie will go.  Eli 
          says that she will. 
Scene 5:  Carolyn is walking as she runs into Jeff.  They talk at length.  
          He grabs her.  She breaks loose and runs away.  Fred comes up 
          and grabs Jeff and hits him.  Jeff says that they were arguing 
          about Lew.  

Scene 6:  Rodney is walking on crutches as the reverend Tom Winter knocks 
          and comes in to talk with him.  Rodney says its great to have 
          him back.  Norman comes in and talks with Rodney.  He has sold 
          another bike.  And he has a prospect coming by this afternoon.  
          Rodney talks with Norman.  Tom brought Rodney some college 
          catalogs.  Rodney says that he wants to teach.  Norman can't 
          believe that his own brother is going to be a college 
Scene 7:  At the Marsha and Carolyn Russell house (Mackenzie-Carson 
          house), Fred drops-in on Marsha.  Fred asks for Marsha to call 
          Carolyn to come down from her room upstairs.  Carolyn comes 
          downstairs.  Fred says that Jeff told him that Carolyn is 
          seeing Lew Miles.  An argument ensues. 
Preview:  Joanna Walker talks with Lew.  Betty tells Rodney she wants him 
          JW:  Lew, you want to tell me something, don't you?  
          LM:  Oh, you bet I do. 
          JW:  Then why can't you. Is it about what happened in New York? 
          BA:  I want to wake up in the morning and find you next to me.  
               Rod, I'm still your wife. 
          RH:  It will just make things worse.  Living here under the same 
               roof, apart. 

Chuck Atwater-Mario Alcalde.
Jeff Kramer-John Findlater.    
Charlie Devon-owns a horse and cabin on Ridgewell Lake.
Mrs. Devon episode 69, 70 plays the church organ.
Joanna Walker-Jeanne Buckley.
Vickie Fletcher-Judy Pace.
Horsehead Lake.
Ridgewell Lake.