Episode 499.
WA:       Dr. Michael Rossi is on rounds.  And as he struggles against 
          the bitter cold of the New England winter, he adds up his own 
          personal involvement in the life of his patient and friend, 
          Rodney Harrington.  For Dr. Rossi, the line between 
          professional advice and personal concern, has been a difficult 
          one to find, particularly with regard to Betty Harrington, the 
          loser in the separation. 
Intro:    On a very cold day, Dr. Rossi in on the wharf, without a hat, 
          and goes into the Cider Barrel Cafe.  He tells the 
          blonde-headed waitress that he is about to freeze his phalanges 
          off, a medical term for fingers.  [Believe it or not, doctors 
          actually made house calls back then.]  Another girl is working 
          in lieu of Sandy.  [In the U.S. blonde generally is preferred 
          for girls.  Blond for boys.  In the UK, "blonde" is the 
          preferred usage for both genders.] 
Scene 1:  In the Cider Barrel, Dr. Rossi orders a cup of hot cider from 
          Laurie.  He goes over to Betty's table and speaks with her.  He 
          asks if he can join her.  She allows.  He sits.  Betty is sad.  
          She said that being with Rodney is like being with a stranger.  
          Rossi tells Betty to quit trying to get the inheritance.

Scene 2:  Lew Miles catches up with Joanna Walker on the way home from 
          school.  She tells him to leave her alone.  Lew refers to 
          Millers Point and to Ivanhoe and Rowena. 
Scene 3:  Dr. Rossi enters his office to find Marsha Russell waiting for 
          him.  She says that Jeff Kramer told Fred that Carolyn is 
          involved with Lew Miles.  They converse. 
Scene 4:  At the Shoreline Cafe, youth hangout, teenagers are dancing as 
          Carolyn descends the stairs.  This scene confirms that the 
          Shoreline Cafe is below ground.  Jeff Kramer is performing in 
          the [house] band.  She goes over to Jeff and tells him she 
          wants to talk with him.  She accuses Jeff of telling a lie 
          about Lew Miles to her father, Fred Russell.  
Scene 5:  Betty goes to visit Rodney at their house.  She observes a 
          workman with her portrait.  Inside, Rodney tells her that the 
          portrait belongs to Steven Cord.  They talk.  Betty kisses 
          Rodney and goes outside.  Betty walks.  
Preview:  Fred talks to Rossi.  Lewis talks to Carolyn.  Steven talks 
          with Betty. 

          FR:  Is Marsha turning to you because she loves you, really 
               loves you?  Or because she needs a fast answer to her 
               problem with Carolyn? 
          LM:  Maybe you can be cool.  But I'm a black boy in a very 
               white town.  And I've got a black daddy who works for a 
               very white hospital. 
          SC:  I don't want to challenge that will, without you.
          BA:  Get that money.

Fred Russell-Joe Maross.
Joanna Walker-Jeanne Buckley.  [Jeanne Buckley had a continuing acting 
Jeff Kramer-John Findlater.