Episode 500.
WA:       Betty Harrington has just made a last and desperate effort to 
          end the separation from her husband, Rodney.  An effort that 
          once again ended in Rodney's determination to try to solve 
          their marital problems himself, in his own way, without Betty.  
          Now, during a long walk from the Harrington house to the Peyton 
          Place wharf, Betty has been making a decision.  A reaction to 
          Rodney's attitude.  A decision which will once again place her 
          in the world of Steven Cord. 
Intro:    Betty Anderson Harrington walking in the snow, by the Pharmacy 
          and then over to Steven Cord's law office in the Peyton Place 
          Bank and Trust Building.  This building was at one time 
          referred to as the Chamber of Commerce Building.  Steven's 
          office is on the north-west corner on the second floor 
          furtherest from the Pharmacy.  Some of the camera shots of the 
          Pharmacy and buildings to the west, and also of the square were 
          taken from this window or from just outside. 
Scene 1:  Betty enters Steven's office and promptly asks him where his 
          grandfather's brandy is.  Steven replies by asking, "The good 
          booze?"  He says all kinds of people drop in for "emergency 
          rations."  Judges, attorneys, clients, prospective clients, and 
          ex-wives.  She makes an amusing and semi-complimentary 
          comparison of Steven to a St. Bernard.  She has decided that 
          she wants to join Steven in the fight for Peyton's money. 

Scene 2:  Chuck Atwell, the current physical therapist at Doctors 
          Hospital, accompanies Rodney to Ada Jacks' Tavern and they sit 
          down at a round table across from the bar.  The ex-reverend Tom 
          Winter joins them.  Rodney says that he has decided to go to 
          college.  Rodney's leg begins to tighten up.  Ada says that the 
          first round of drinks are on the house.  Atwell tries to 
          explain to Rodney that his suggestion of Rodney's leaving town 
          and going back to college was not meant to indicate that he 
          should break up with Betty. 
Scene 3:  Maggie pops in to Rita and Norman's apartment over the Pharmacy 
          with a large sack of groceries.  She intends to teach Rita how 
          to make recipes from scratch.  Rita asks if Maggie has seen Eli 
          Carson lately.  Mrs. Riggs responds that she doesn't expect to 
          see Eli again.  Rita gives Maggie tips on man-trapping.  She 
          suggests that Mrs. Riggs send Eli a pie or a cake.  [Your 
          reviewer does not recall any scene with a grocery store, market, 
          or supermarket in the entire series.  Rita does mention 
          a supermarket in episode 129.  She suggested to the lady [in 
          episode 129] in a wide-brimmed hat that she could get a Clarion 
          newspaper at the market.  The Book Gallery was temporarily 
          closed [in episode 129] because of the injury to Allison by the 
          hit-and-run driver.] 
Scene 4:  On the second floor of the Colonial Post Inn, Dr. Rossi knocks 
          on the door of room 9, Fred Russell's room, and insists on 
          talking with him.  Rossi suggests they go down to the bar to 
          talk.  [At this point in time, it was not considered at all 
          unusual for a medical doctor to smoke and drink.  Smoking was 
          considered cool.]  Fred says he knows what Rossi is 
          about to say.  And Rossi replies that he knows what Fred is 
          going through. 
Scene 5:  At the Harrington Brothers Motorcycle Shop, Eli is primping, 
          combing his hair, and talking with Norman.  Eli has just gotten 
          a haircut at Bill's Barber Shop, next door to the bicycle shop.  
          Eli cleans up real well.  He tells Norman that he has placed an 
          order for a tailored suit with Charlie Killigrew, and he wants 
          Norman to help him to select a swatch of material.  Norman 
          wants to know what kind of occasion the suit is for.  Eli says 
          that it is a social occasion. 
Scene 6:  Lewis Miles and Carolyn Russell, and two other students, get 
          off the hospital elevator.  [The Colonial Post Inn did not 
          appear to have an elevator.]  Carolyn tells him about Jeff 
          telling a lie to her father.  They go outside and Lewis leaves.  
          Fred comes over and tells Carolyn to get in the car.  He rolls 
          up her electric window and prepares to drive off.  His 
          motorized window is still half open. 
Preview:  Betty implores Rodney.  Fred talks with Carolyn. 
          BA:  Take me with you.  Don't leave me.  Please don't leave me.  
               I love you more than anything.  I don't care about the 
               money.  I don't care where we live or how we live.  I just 
               want to be with you. 
          RH:  Betty.
          FR:  Who put that idea in your head, Rossi?  
          CR:  She loves him.  They love one another, and they are going 
               to get married and you can't stop them.

Elevator at the school.
Bill's Barber Shop, mentioned by Eli.    
Charlie Killigrew-suit seller to Eli Luther Carson.