Episode 501.
WA:       Carolyn Russell and Lew Miles have just agreed on a way to 
          handle the false rumor that has linked them together.  But 
          their agreement was reached in front of Doctors Hospital in 
          full view of Carolyn's father, Fred. 
Intro:    Fred Russell is talking to Carolyn in front of the Hospital 
          main entrance.  She starts to walk away.  He grabs her and 
          insists that she get in his car.  Fred opens the driver's door, 
          Carolyn gets in, and slides over to the passenger side. 
Scene 1:  Now, in the car, Fred tells Carolyn that he saw her talking to 
          Lew Miles.  Carolyn says that she was hurt and confused when 
          Fred and her mother got divorced.  They argue.  He calls her 
          "Toad" again.  [This must have been a term of endearment at the 
          time.]  Fred tells Carolyn that he does not want her to be seen 
          with Lewis Miles.  Carolyn tells her father that Marsha and Dr.
          Rossi are going to get married and there is no way that Fred 
          can stop them.  Carolyn gets out of the car and slams the door. 
Scene 2:  Alma Miles talks to Vickie Fletcher.  Vickie puts on her coat 
          and leaves. 
Scene 3:  Dr. Miles comes home and talks with his wife, Alma.  He has just 
          returned from New York City.  They embrace without kissing.  
          Lewis comes in to help confuse the situation.  Harry mentions 
          Dr. Corrigan. 
Scene 4:  At school, Jeff talks to Lew.  Lew mentions that Jeff's mother 
          turned him onto German Potato pancakes. 

Scene 5:  Chuck Atwell drives Rodney in his convertible to the house.  
          Rodney asks him to put the car over by the garage.  Rodney says 
          that Norman and Rita will be picking him up after he closes.  
          Rodney thanks him.  Still using two metal crutches [like Allison's] 
          he goes in the house.  Betty is waiting at the top of the stairs.  
          Betty announces herself.  She says that Rita told her that he 
          was going to Boston.  Rita and Norman are coming over to help 
          him pack and will take him up to Boston.  Betty says that she 
          thought she would put the house up for sale.  Betty says that 
          she doesn't want it to be over for them.  Rodney tells her 
          about starting school.  Betty says that she can help him.  
          Rodney shows her a letter from the real estate people in 
          Boston.  She notes that he asked them to find an apartment big 
          enough for two people.  They continue to talk.  Betty says that 
          this time it is really going to work.  Rodney intends to make 
          it without the inheritance.  Betty says, "Take me with you."  
          Rodney and Betty embrace. 

Scene 6:  Police Sgt. William Wilson Walker comes in the Cider Barrel and 
          talks with Lewis.  He asks about Cliff, Lewis' brother.  He 
          asks if Harry is back from the medical convention.  Vickie 
          Fletcher comes in and orders apple pie and double cut.  She 
          speaks to Sgt. Walker.  The sergeant leaves.  Lewis asks if she 
          had to put him on like that.  She says that she doesn't like 
          the fuzz.  She puts a piece of pie in his mouth. 

Scene 7:  Norman, Rita, and Rodney drive up to the Colonial Post Inn and 
          pick up Betty.  She gets in the back seat with Rodney.  They 
          kiss.  Norman starts on the way to Boston.  Steven is watching 
          from his office over the bank. 

Preview:  Betty talks with Steven.  Fred Russell talks to Dr. Miles at 
          the Inn. 
          Betty:   You thought you had a case.  And that if you won it for 
                   me, well there would be a lot of money in it for you. 
          Steven:  Not quite.  You see I don't think I have a case.  
                   I know I have a case. 

          Fred:    If you want to stay in our hospital, you had better 
                   make sure that people do not start talking about your 
                   son, or about the way you encourage him to go after a 
                   white girl. 

          This is the last episode for Rodney Harrington, Ryan O'Neal.