Episode 502.
WA:       Today a house on the road behind the Peyton Place wharf is put 
          up for sale.  A simple everyday event that somehow has a 
          profound meaning for a number of people in this small New 
          England town.  The house was vacated by Rodney and Betty 
          Harrington.  A fact which was duly noted by Steven Cord.  

Intro:    A group of moving men are moving Rodney and Betty's furniture 
          out of their house.  Eli Carson is walking up and down the 
          street in front of their converted barn house carrying a FOR SALE
          sign.  Steven Cord walks up and speaks to Eli and continues to 
          the Harrington Brothers Motorcycle shop. 

Scene 1:  Steven Cord comes into the motorcycle shop and asks about 
          Rodney and Betty and their car trip with Norman and Rita to 
          Boston.  Norman tells Steven that Rodney has gotten an 
          apartment on the river near the campus.  Rodney is starting 
          back to school.  Betty will be staying with Rodney as long as 
          he is there.  Norman warns Steven to leave Betty and Rodney 
          alone.  Steven admits that he has been jealous of Rodney all 
          his life.  Steven tells Norman that maybe he will drop Rodney a 
          card.  Steven leaves. 

Scene 2.  Betty drops in on Rita and they discuss the apartment in 
          Boston.  Rita gives Betty a cup of coffee.  Betty says that the 
          apartment has charm.  Rita says that charm must mean that the 
          plumbing is bad.  Betty says that it has cold and cold running 
          water.  Betty says she is going to speak to Eli about selling 
          the house.  

Scene 3.  Betty goes down the stairs and west on the street to the 
          General Store.  Steven is making a $4.25 purchase from Eli as 
          Betty comes in.  Betty tells Steven that she is not going to 
          protest the will.  Steven tells Betty that he anticipated her 
          having a change of heart.  Steven says that he knows that he 
          has a case.  He tells her that he has a witness waiting in his 
          office as they speak.  He invites Betty to come along while he 
          interviews Jennifer Ivers, one of Martin Peyton's nurses.  
          Steven says goodbye and leaves. 

Scene 4.  Lewis Miles comes in Harry Miles' office at Doctors Hospital to 
          talk.  They discuss Carolyn Russell and the science project.  
          Lewis leaves.  The phone rings and Fred Russell asks Dr. Miles 
          to meet him at the bar in the Colonial Post Inn. 

Scene 5:  Eli Carson is whittling as Maggie Riggs watches.  He says that 
          whittling is one of the joys of life.  He explains to her how 
          fulfilling that whittling is.  Eli and Maggie pick up the wood 
          shavings and put them in the stove.  
Scene 6.  Susan Winter is sitting at the bar as Fred Russell comes in.  A 
          new waitress [Nikki Wilk] comes over and asks what he would 
          like to drink.  He orders the usual and make it a 
          double.  He speaks to Susan Winter.  Fred asks how Tom is.  
          Susan says that he is surviving.  She tells him that she has 
          lost a marriage and is about to lose another.  He recalls that 
          she used to drink boilermakers, whiskey with a beer chaser.  
          Susan informs Fred that he is getting gray on top.  She leaves.  
          Dr. Harry Miles comes in and they sit at a table to talk.  
          Harry orders coffee.  Fred orders a scotch, with soda on the 
          side.  Fred says that this is the first time they have talked.  
          They argue.  Fred gets up and leaves. 

Preview:  Jennifer Ivers talks to Betty and Steven.  Dr. Miles talks to 
          JI:  It was very difficult for a man like Mr. Peyton to 
               realize.  He couldn't make up his mind about who or what 
               to leave it to.  All that money. 

          HM:  Why didn't I have Russell meet me here, huh?  Oh no, no, 
               no.  I had to fall right into it.  Now tomorrow morning it 
               will be all over Peyton Place.  Oh, Fred Russell told off 
               that Harry Miles and about you know what. 
Waitress-Nikki Wilk, two roles in this series, waitress and mother.  The 
  waitress was on her first day at the Colonial Post Inn and waited on 
  Fred Russell and Dr. Harry Miles.  Russell left without paying his tab.  

Evidently Betty checked with the real estate office to get an idea of the 
  price she should ask for the house and then had her friend Eli show the 
  house to save the customary six per cent commission.