Episode 503.
WA:       For more than half his life, Dr. Harry Miles has been a black 
          man in a white world.  Holding firm to his identity, holding 
          firm to his deep personal pride, and savoring those moments 
          alone with his family.  Those moments behind the closed door of 
          his own home.  Tonight, Dr. Miles' home has been invaded.  
          Invaded by a subtle and complex and destructive force.  The 
          force of rumor. 
Intro:    Dr. Miles drives home, goes in his house and is greeted by his 
Scene 1:  Dr. Miles tells Alma about his meeting with Fred Russell. 
Scene 2:  Dr. Miles goes upstairs and talks with his son, Lewis, who is 
          listening to a record on his grammaphone. 
Scene 3:  Norman is adjusting a motorcycle in front of the Harrington 
          motorcycle shop as Rita comes out with some empty moving boxes.  
          They are talking as Betty drives up in a blue convertible.  
          Betty says that Rodney had to get up at the crack of dawn to 
          get to his first class.  They haven't turned on the heat yet.  
          Norman says that they must be really roughing it.  They load 
          the boxes in the car.  Betty and Rita drive off. 
Scene 4:  Lew talks with Vickie about life. 
Scene 5:  Dr. Miles talks with miss Choate.  He is annoyed that Mrs. 
          Davis cancelled her surgery.  Dr. Miles goes in the therapy 
          room and talks with Chuck Atwell.  He accuses Chuck of talking 
          with Mrs. Davis the previous night and influencing her decision 
          to cancel surgery.  Rossi says that Dr. Browning is trying to 
          get her to go to Boston. 

Scene 6:  Betty is talking with Rita as Steven and Jennifer Ivers come to 
          talk.  Rita leaves.  Jennifer offers them a deal.  She is 
          willing to testify that Peyton was not mentally stable.  She 
          says that she has to leave to catch a bus back to Boston.  
          Steven says that he will drive her back.  She goes out and 
          waits in the car as Steven and Betty talk.  Steven goes out to 
          his car and he and Jennifer drive off.  Betty pulls the curtain 
          back and peers out the window. 
Preview:  Steven tells Susan Winter that his feelings for her are totally 
          selfish.  Marsha and Fred Russell yell at each other.  Fred's 
          eyes bug out. 
          SC:  My feelings toward you are totally selfish.
          SW:  You want me around when you want me around.
          SC:  Susan. 
          MR:  If you interfere in any way with Carolyn and her classes, 
               I'll get a court order out to stop you.  Fred, she is in 
               my custody. 
          FR:  Obviously you don't care who she runs around with.
          MR:  Get out of here.