Episode 504.
WA:       When her parents divorced more than a year ago, Carolyn Russell 
          reacted instinctively blaming her mother, feeling nothing but 
          sympathy for her father.  Even when the truth was made known to 
          her.  Now, suddenly, Carolyn has been forced to examine her 
          attitude, and her thinking.  An accusation has been made.  An 
          accusation that she has been involved with a young classmate, a 
          negro boy, Lew Miles.  The accusation is false, but the 
          accusation has been made by her father. 
Intro:    Carolyn Russell filling the bird feeder just outside the front 
          door, with her right hand while holding the phone with her 
          left.  This is the bird feeder that Rodney helped Allison put 
          up in episode 32.  And the same one that was mentioned in 
          episodes 72, 307, and 418.  The telephone cord appears to be 
          fifty feet long.  Marsha follows the cord and finds Carolyn at 
          the end. 
Scene 1:  Carolyn tries to leave the house without eating breakfast.  Pat 
          Porter had called to say that she wanted to walk with Carolyn 
          to her school, as a deliberate gesture of loyalty.  The 
          door chimes ring. It isn't her classmate, Pat, it is her 
          father, Fred Russell.  Fred wants Carolyn to stay home that 
          day.  After Fred has his say, Marsha says that he has no right 
          to keep Carolyn out of school.  Marsha threatens to take Fred 
          to get a court order if he interferes. 
Scene 2:  Steven is on a relaxation cot on the floor as Susan comes into 
          his office.  Susan smooches with him.  She asks if he feels 
          better.  He shows her to the outer office.  He goes over and 
          sits at his desk.  Susan bangs on his door.  He lets her back 
          in.  Steven tells her that his feelings toward her are totally 
          selfish.  She says that he wants her when he wants her. 
Scene 3:  In the Colonial Post Inn, Jeff Kramer goes over and commences 
          to annoy Fred Russell. 
Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi goes to the Russell house and hugs and smooches with 
          Marsha.  Rossi evidently has finally gotten over the loss of 
          his previous fiancée, Ann Howard. 
Scene 5:  Marsha goes to see Mrs. Miles.  They talk about Carolyn, Jeff, 
          and Lewis.  They talk about the problems between Dr. Rossi and 
          Fred.  Marsha tells Alma that she and Dr. Rossi are driving 
          across the state line and getting married that night. 
Scene 6:  Carolyn and Jeff are walking to the hospital followed by Lew 
          and another girl.  Fred Russell calls to them and says that he 
          wants to talk with Lew.  Fred starts to argue with Lew.  Fred 
          tells Carolyn to go on in the hospital.  Dr. Rossi walks up and 
          intercedes.  Fred warns Dr. Rossi to mind his own business.  
          Rossi tells Fred that he and Marsha are driving across the 
          state line and getting married that night.  They almost come to 
          blows, but Norman Harrington arrives to break it up. 
Preview:  Eli proposes to Maggie Riggs.  Susan asks Fred for what he is 
          still hanging around town.  Betty and Jennifer confer. 
          Eli:  Maggie, have you ever thought about getting married 
          MR:   [Pretending to be surprised] Are you proposing to me?
          SW:   What are you hanging around town for?  The lady dumped 
                you.  Dumped as in trash can. 
          BA:   Get to the point, Jennifer.  
          JI:   All right.  I intend to get my share.  I want to make a 
                deal with you. 
Jennifer Ivers, Peyton's nurse-Myrna Fahey.
Pat Porter, Carolyn's friend-uncredited.
Patricia Anne Cheney, Carolyn's friend-Trish O'Herlihy.