Episode 505.
WA:       Incident outside Doctors Hospital.  Dr. Michael Rossi and Fred 
          Russell almost came to blows, and only the quick intervention 
          of Norman Harrington prevented a fight.  Once again, Dr. Rossi 
          has tried to stop Fred from harassing the girl, from using a 
          blatant lie about Carolyn and Lew Miles. 
Intro:    Norman Harrington is leading Dr. Rossi across the square to his 
          apartment over the Pharmacy, which had been old Calvin Hanley's 
          bachelor pad, Paul Hanley's apartment, Norman and Rodney's 
          apartment, and finally Norman and Rita's love nest. 
Scene 1:  In the apartment, Dr. Rossi calls his message service to give 
          them Norman Harrington's phone number, 555-6787.  [This was 
          before the introduction of cellular phones, when it wasn't 
          necessary to use area codes for local calls.  Ten digit 
          dialing.]  Norman suggests that the doctor stay a while, to 
          cool down.  Rossi is still angry.  Rita effuses and she and 
          Norman try to cheer up the doctor.  Rossi says he feels a lot 
          better.  Rita grabs him and kisses him on the cheek.  She seems 
          prone to do that.  Before the series is over she will kiss him 
          at least one more time.  Her mother, Ada Jacks, the Tavern 
          owner, probably taught her to be especially friendly with 
          gentlemen.  Dr. Rossi, now much calmer, leaves. 

Scene 2:  Susan Winter, comes down the stairs to her natural habitat, the 
          bar at the Colonial Post Inn.  She sits at the bar facing a 
          large mirror.  The bartender, Fred Draper is wearing an 
          annoying jacket, like Century 21 salesmen wear, except it is 
          green as opposed to gold.  She spots Fred Russell, wearing dark 
          sunglasses, alone in a booth, and proceeds to annoy him.  She 
          opens the conversation with, "Hello, Slugger."  As has been 
          alluded to earlier, Fred has a special affection for young 
          ladies with long blonde hair.  Fred goes over to the bar and 
          sits by Susan, like a moth being drawn to a light bulb.  Susan 
          asks Fred why he is still hanging around town.  She points out 
          that "the lady," Marsha, "has dumped him."  Fred asks the 
          bartender to send his drink up to his room.  He relents and 
          continues to drink at the bar with Susan Winter. 
Scene 3:  At the Cider Barrel, Charlie is doing business.  Charlie asks 
          police Sgt. William Wilson Walker to wait a moment.  Lewis 
          Miles is working for Charlie and is wearing an apron.  Charlie 
          calls Lewis over and complains that Lewis has mixed up the 
          fives and tens in the till.  Lewis says he has something on his 
          mind, that something is bothering him.  Police Sgt. Walker 
          starts conversating with Lewis.  Sgt. Walker wants to get to 
          the bottom of things.  Lewis is perpetually angry about 
          something.  Lewis complains about keyboardist, Jeff Kramer, 
          Carolyn's main squeeze.  In a previous episode, it is made 
          clear that Charlie is rather hen-pecked. 
Scene 4:  In Maggie Riggs' kitchen, Eli is reading the paper.  He begins 
          to explain to Maggie, the meaning of newspaper fillers, 
          or space fillers.  One example is Bees 
          sting.  Maggie is fussing over fish.  He asks her if 
          she had thought about getting married again.  She asks him if 
          that question could be a proposal.  They talk around the 
          subject of marriage.  Maggie says that she hasn't been alone as 
          long as Eli has.  He distracts her for so long that the fish in 
          the oven burn. 
Scene 5:  At the Russell house, Marsha is operating a steam iron and 
          talking with her daughter, Carolyn.  Carolyn suggests that her 
          mother elope with Dr. Rossi.  They agree that Carolyn likes Dr. 
          Rossi.  Marsha tells her daughter that she is glad that Carolyn 
          likes Dr. Rossi.  Marsha suggests that Carolyn start calling 
          the doctor, "Mike."  Carolyn continues to say things indicating 
          that she is excited at the prospect of her mother's getting 
          married again.  Marsha and Carolyn prepare to go see Pat, 
          Carolyn's friend. 
Scene 6:  Nurse Jennifer Ivers comes to Betty's house and knocks.  Betty 
          greets her with the phrase, "What are you doing here?"  
          Jennifer says that she has come from Steven's office, but that 
          Steven has not sent her there.  She says that she has come to 
          talk about Steven and the will.  Betty says she is about to 
          lock up.  Jennifer follows Betty up the stairs and continues to 
          ramble on.  Jennifer is wearing a bright orange coat. 
Scene 7:  Outside, Jennifer is called over, by Munsen, the chauffeur, to 
          Hannah Cord's limousine.  Jennifer gets in and Hannah Cord 
          begins to fuss at her for seeing Betty.  Hannah tells Munsen to 
          drive up to the "Peyton house."  He complies. 

Preview:  Steven, in the foyer of the mansion, tells Jennifer that her 
          story is a fraud.  Hannah Cord slowly walks down the stairs as 
          Steven and Jennifer continue to talk.  Fred commits 
          SC:  Your story is a fraud.
          JI:  No.
          SC:  No.  Meaning yes.  She put you into calling me.  Didn't 
          JI:  No.
          SC:  She coached you.  Told you what to say. 
          JI:  Well, not exactly.
          SC:  Why?
          JI:  Well, you see what happened.
          SC:  You didn't have any contact with Mr. Peyton, at all. 
          MR:  You're just making a fool of yourself.  
          FR:  We've had a lot of good years together, baby.
          MR:  Let me go.  Fred.

Jennifer Ivers-Myrna Fahey.
Munsen, Hannah's chauffeur. [see also episode 480]-uncredited.